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  • Z-Bar Gen 3 Floor Lamp
  • Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp
    Shade Color
    3 Size Options
    $1,12000 - $1,55500
  • Lady 7 LED Floor Lamp
  • AJ Floor Lamp
  • Tolomeo Reading Floor Lamp with 9 In. Base
    $51000 - $64000
  • Twiggy Arc Floor Lamp
  • Brazo Floor Task Lamp
  • Leaf LED Floor Lamp


    $45475 $535.00
  • Fairfax Pharmacy Floor Lamp
  • Equo Gen 3 Floor Lamp
  • Old Pharmacy Floor Lamp
  • P4304 Pharmacy Floor Lamp
    $36750 - $36795
  • Mosso Pro LED Floor Lamp
  • Archer Floor Lamp
    2 Size Options
    $69000 - $1,38000
  • La Lampe Gras No 411 Floor Lamp, Color
    2 Product Options
    $6400 - $74700
  • Lampe Gras No 411 Floor Lamp
    $69000 - $74700
  • Grasshopper Floor Lamp
  • Splitty LED Floor Lamp
  • Generation Adjustable Floor Lamp
  • Captain Flint Floor Lamp
  • Focus LED Floor Lamp


  • Tolomeo with Shade Reading Floor Lamp
    Shade Color
  • P4324 Pharmacy Floor Lamp
  • Virtuoso Floor Lamp

Learn More About Reading Lamps

Why We Love Reading Lamps

Reading lamps are basically floor lamps especially designed for use when reading. These types of adjustable floor lamps provide bright, focused illumination perfect for taking in the daily newspaper or reading a favorite book, the repose practically a luxury for those living a fast paced lifestyle. And the modern renditions of the reading lamp seem to give book reading a place in today's culture, as if to say, "This antiquated form of thought-on-page will live on into the future, thanks to the balance my modern form brings."

Where Reading Lamps Work Best

A reading lamp should be the lighting of choice any place in the home where you plan to read. Reading a book or the newspaper in dim light is not a recommended practice, so you will want a floor lamp that can offer plenty of focused illumination to light up all of the words on a page. In the living room, place a well-chosen reading lamp in a corner by your favorite chair or near a couch for over-the-shoulder lighting. Floor reading lamps are portable and easy to maneuver around any type of furniture anytime you choose to rearrange or redecorate the chairs and tables you have in the room. The home office also benefits from reading floor lamps, and the contemporary lighting design of many of these reading lights offers a fresh, updated look for rooms that can otherwise become stuffy or visually heavy. Finally, in the bedroom where a reading sconce or table lamp may not be present, consider adding one of these standing floor lamps to ensure plenty of light for reading in bed.

A Reading Lamp for Every Style

Despite your preference of decorative aesthetics, reading lamps find a way of working themselves in to any home's style. Traditional and transitionally designed options, like those from George Kovacs or Robert Abbey, are an ideal fit for most living rooms and bedrooms. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the illumination they produce while being able to easily integrate them into your existing lighting schemes. Modern floor reading lights from Artemide and FLOS feature clean-lined designs that will make their presence known in any room. Design aficionados will especially appreciate an iconic design like the Arco Lamp from FLOS. And if you appreciate the benefits of energy efficiency, you will want to check out the selection of LED reading lamps available. LED floor reading lamps from Koncept or Marset combine high-quality, stylish design elements with the latest in efficient LED technology.

How to Choose the Best Reading Lamp

Because the fundamental nature of a reading light is to aid you in reading a book or the newspaper, you will want to a choose a fixture that best fits you. In this assortment, you will find reading lamps in a multitude of shapes, colors and styles, all aimed to help provide sufficient lighting when you choose to relax and catch up on a favorite piece of reading material. You will also find lamps with different light sources including halogen lamps, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and of course, LED. For the specific task of reading, we definitely recommend an LED reading lamp. Be sure to thoroughly review a fixture's light bulb requirements and brightness output to decide if it is the appropriate amount of light for your application. You'll also want to determine your sizing constraints before choose the best reading lamp. Consider how far the lamp might reach, its height and how much floor space it will actually consume. If you have any questions about the floor lamps for reading featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

The iconic Artemide Tolomeo Floor Lamp is a classic design from a company that is known for exceptional lighting design. The Tolomeo reading lamp provides the perfect amount of light when reading your favorite book and it will pack a powerful decorative punch in living rooms and home offices. And you'll find similarities in the selection of torchiere floor lamps, which offer much in the way of adding uplighting to a room while providing focused illumination for reading or task work. Finally, wall mounted reading lights are also great options if you're looking for something more permanent and less portable.

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