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Moroccan Modern Chandelier Lights

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  • isskuS7 Nur Reversed Chandelier Dual Globe
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Moroccan Chandeliers

Moroccan chandeliers represent home lighting that sports exquisite craftsmanship and fine details. This style is known for hand-pierced metal screens, intricate patterns, and soft curves that give the lights their exotic, worldly feel. These chandeliers will fit in with both modern and traditional homes alike. These pieces are exotic and bold, so they aren’t going to play well with all types of home decor.

From brass to glass, modern Moroccan chandeliers bring something new to the table. Although they don’t completely abandon the antique influences of their predecessors, these lights look completely unique. Whether it’s the well-traveled look of classic curves or a more futuristic dual-globe shape these lights stand out. The pierced metal shades are also an approach to lighting that takes a usually heavy and opaque, utilitarian material and turns it into an airy and alluring veil that filters light in a mesmerizing fashion.

How to Choose the Best Moroccan Chandelier

Moroccan chandeliers tend to be large and complex, which makes them even more prone to overcrowding a space than typical chandeliers. Measure to make sure that these impressive fixtures have plenty of room to shine, without congesting the natural flow of the room. Also, measure the length of the cord, so it is clear how far down the chandelier will hang. Once all of that is measured, turn attention to decorative details.

Moroccan chandeliers aren’t the only way to give the home a curated, worldly style. Once the look is established, consider adding to it with Moroccan pendant lighting. Pendants provide a focused, downward glow that effectively illuminates surfaces, whether they are a dining room table or a kitchen island.