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Red Chandeliers

15 Results
  • Big Bang Chandelier
    2 Size Options
    $1,43200 - $5,40000
  • Oh! Line LED Chandelier
    2 Size Options


    $1,39000 - $1,59000
  • Spillray 10-Light Chandelier
    $4,02000 - $4,55000
  • Bella 6 Arm Chandelier
  • Spillray 26-Light Chandelier
    Shade Color
    $15,66000 - $18,16000
  • Three Palms LED Chandelier
  • Spillray 20-Light Chandelier
    $13,85000 - $15,82000
  • Big Bang XL LED Chandelier
    $8,11600 - $9,26400
  • Bicycle Linear Chandelier
  • Spillray 12-Light Chandelier
    $4,60000 - $5,24000
  • Avir 45/60 Suspension
    Shade Color
    2 Size Options
    $5,22000 - $12,09000
  • Avir 45/60/2 Suspension
    Shade Color
    2 Size Options
    $9,97000 - $20,94000
  • Veli 7 Cluster Pendant
    $4,29000 - $4,59000
  • Cielo 13 Multi-Light LED Pendant
    $4,66000 - $5,18000
  • Pilot LED Chandelier



    $6,54000 - $11,63000

Why We Love Red Chandeliers

There's just something about the color red. From its vibrant depths to the air of romance and elegance it exudes, this influential hue is purely made for the diverse elements of interior design and home décor. Red chandeliers add a pop of color to an otherwise easily overlooked aspect of the home. Many homeowners have become complacent with traditional lighting fixtures, yet lighting designers have so much more to offer in colorful chandeliers. Different lighting accents take the red color to new heights, showing off red shades, cords, and even red metallic finishes. Whether you like a showy chandelier or a more sedate style, you can find modern red chandeliers to brighten the room as well as the mood.

Where Red Chandeliers Work Best

in general work well in spaces where you want to command attention with a more dramatic display of light. Red chandeliers add the element of color, whether with a bit of tint or a bold, rich hue. A red glass chandelier makes a nice focal point in the dining room, drawing the eye upward while adding to the conversation. Many other styles of modern red chandeliers also work well in dining rooms, great rooms, kitchens, and grand foyers. You may also wish to up the ante in your master suite with a dramatic red chandelier offering dimmable light.

A Red Chandelier for Every Style

Brilliant color-matched with radiant light create an inspiring new look for your home. Consider the many styles of red chandeliers meant to transform the everyday setting to a more captivating atmosphere. Designs by Foscarini enchant with a cluster of shades and branches rich with a deep red hue. AXO Light takes elegance to new heights with modern red chandeliers boasting exquisite crystal constellations and thoughtful introduction of tiers in some of their styles. Bover Lighting's signature red chandeliers feature sweeping curves and offset alignments, lending your home the utmost charm and sophistication. Numerous other brands offer fine selections of claret chandeliers as well.

Choosing the Best Red Chandeliers

When choosing the best modern red chandeliers for your home, begin by considering the exact location where you will hang the fixture. To get an idea of the ideal diameter size, add together the length and width of the room and consider that number in inches. Another factor for your consideration is how formal you wish for your chandelier to be. Red crystal chandeliers look lovely in a more formal setting while contemporary red chandeliers of many different styles work well in just about any part of the home. You should also determine the type of lighting element that you prefer for your chandelier. And be prepared with the right bulbs by reviewing the light fixture's required light bulb type. If you have any questions about the red chandeliers featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

If you like the look of modern red chandeliers for your home, you may be happy to discover you can find stunning light fixtures in a variety of other colors as well. Consider the soothing array of for other spaces in your home, as well as and for a touch of colorful class. Finally, review our information about how to choose a chandelier to find the perfect color, size and style of a fixture for your home.

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