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Bowl Chandeliers

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24 Results
  • Oros LED Chandelier
    2 Size Options
    $79170 - $1,01850
  • Helios Semi-Flushmount
  • Tulip Flushmount
  • Aegis Three Arms Chandelier
  • Kayla Semi-Flushmount
  • Aegis Chandelier
    1 Size Options
  • Mid-Century Chandelier
    $50200 - $85800
  • Floral Park Chandelier
    2 Size Options
    $1,59000 - $2,50000
  • Flora 5 Light Chandelier
  • Milos Chandelier


  • Charlotte Chandelier


  • Lightwell Chandelier
    Shade Color
    2 Size Options
    $1,73900 - $2,17500
  • Reya Chandelier
    $35860 - $64900
  • Richmond Chandelier
    2 Size Options
    $84996 - $1,54996
  • Scale LED Chandelier
    $36995 - $56995
  • Vessel Chandelier
    $27800 - $74800
  • Floral Park Large Chandelier
  • Lucas Flushmount
  • Parana Chandelier


    $29886 - $38700
  • Discus Chandelier


  • Cheshire Basin Chandelier


  • Diamantina Chandelier
    3 Size Options


    $3,88500 - $11,50800
  • San Miguel Chandelier
  • Arctic Halo Bowl Chandelier


    $4,41000 - $6,97200

Why We Love Bowl Chandeliers

Bowl chandeliers are easily recognized by their shades that resemble inverted bowls. And, although they don’t all fall into one specific interior design style, each fixture adds a beautiful stylistic element to the room it’s in. A wide array of designers provide you with every design imaginable. From simple and sleek pieces that embody subtle sophistication to bold, ornate options that emit an undeniably elegant glow, there’s plenty of options to choose from. Pair them with the smaller, but more versatile . It’s perfect for the smaller spaces where the chandeliers would be too big but still retains the same enviable style. With graceful sloping curves and a soft, ambient light these pieces make an exceptional addition to any space.

Where Modern Bowl Chandeliers Work Best

You’ll want to place your bowl chandelier somewhere you can really appreciate it. This means that bathrooms, hallways, home offices, and bedrooms are likely out of the question. With modern bowl chandeliers, it’s better to think bigger. Common applications include above dining room tables and as , in grand foyers, but these light fixtures are also great for more relaxed spaces. They’ll add a touch of sophistication to places, like living rooms and kitchens, without making the room too formal. Whichever room you decided to hang your bowl chandelier, make sure that it is at the focal point of the space.

Favorite Bowl Chandelier Colors & Finishes

From sophisticated crystal to organic alabaster, you’ll have no shortage of different options to choose from. If you’re searching for something that feels luxurious but not stuffy, bowl chandeliers adorned with crystals are just the thing to satisfy this complicated request. The stunning assortment of crystals adds elegance while the soft, natural shape ensures that the light doesn’t feel overly formal. Alternatively, for a cozy and warm, completely relaxed fixture look for an option that’s covered in wooden beads instead of crystals. They add the perfect rustic appeal to the piece without losing any of its refinement. There are also plenty of less complicated fixtures to choose from. Look for a sleek and simple piece with no ornamentation and a rich dark finish. The good news is that these are just some of the highlights. The bad news is that they’re all stunning and choosing just one style is going to be hard.

How to Choose the Best Bowl Chandelier

As with any fixture, you’ll have to get all of the boring details out of the way before you can move on to the more fun parts. This means measuring the room where you want your modern bowl chandelier to be and how low you want it to hang. Determining the ideal size of your new fixture ensures that they have plenty of room to shine, without congesting the natural flow of the room. Once you’ve measured and found an ideal size range, then you can turn your attention to the much more fun, decorative details.

Other Considerations

If these pieces didn’t feel right for you and your home, don’t worry. There are plenty of other options to choose from. are cool with a slightly futuristic feel. Their warm finishes and funky silhouettes are an artistic statement. On the other hand, if you want something even more subtle, possess an unexpected elegance that fits right in minimalist and coastal homes.

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