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Cluster Chandeliers

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47 Results
  • Skye 6 Light Chandelier
  • Swell Multi-Light Pendant
    $1,18000 - $2,38500
  • Pietral LED Chandelier


    $2,47350 $4,947.00
    50% Savings Only at Lumens
  • Mina Multi-Light Pendant
    $1,78800 - $6,19000
    Free Gift with Code TECH
  • Fulton Chandelier
    $1,79900 - $2,99900
  • Ines Chandelier


    $39600 - $82350 $792.00 - $1,647.00
    50% Savings Only at Lumens
  • Laguna Chandelier
    2 Size Options
    $94900 - $1,34900
  • Ermanno LED Chandelier


    $93600 $1,872.00
    50% Savings Only at Lumens
  • Solis 5 Mixed Multi-Light Pendant
    Shade Color
    $2,67000 - $3,17000
  • Macario LED Chandelier


    $58500 $1,170.00
    50% Savings Only at Lumens
  • Nula Chandelier
  • Scepter Multi-Light Pendant
    $61800 - $1,14800
  • Ensemble Chandelier
    $1,49900 - $2,29900
  • Ensemble Tiered Chandelier
    $1,99900 - $3,19900
  • Crosby Chandelier
    $35800 - $69800
  • Momentum LED Chandelier
    $66299 $779.99
    15% Savings Today
  • Savona LED Round Chandelier


    $2,78362 $5,567.25
    50% Savings Only at Lumens
  • Astrid Multi Light Pendant
  • Vitis 5 LED Chandelier
    Glass Color


    $5,72500 - $7,81500
  • Hailee Chandelier
    2 Size Options
    $4,59900 - $10,30900
  • Cascade Chandelier
  • Coastal Living Caden Chandelier
  • Oto SP Rain Circle Chandelier
    Glass Finish
    $6,45200 - $7,30400
  • Cielo 13 Multi-Light LED Pendant
    $4,85000 - $5,37000

    Why We Love Cluster Chandeliers

    Cluster chandeliers have a cool, futuristic look that is, quite frankly, incomparable to any other style of lighting. These fixtures use clusters, hence the name, of several smaller lights to make up one large and unique piece. Most often these clusters are composed of delicate glass orbs, but that’s not always the case. Some contemporary designers opted for sharp, icicle-like pendants, while others opted for cylindrical and cone-shaped additions. You’ll find these styles most often in and , but this collection truly proves that there are no rules when it comes to the design of home lighting.

    Where Modern Cluster Chandeliers Work Best

    Modern cluster chandeliers are dramatic fixtures, with daring assortments of lights and a climactic cluster of dangling orbs. So, you’ll want to place these special lights where they can be seen and appreciated. High ceilings are your best bet. Suspend these lights in a great room or den, where their elegance won’t go unnoticed. These fixtures are perfect because they make such a bold statement. You can also use these lights about a dining room table. You just need to be careful not to dwarf the room and the other decorative choices with such an impressive light. But, wherever these fixtures are they’ll make a statement and attract attention. So, don’t worry about losing them amongst your other decor.

    Favorite Cluster Chandelier Colors & Finishes

    Cluster chandeliers come in many different styles, colors, and finishes. Some pieces have only a few, uniform globes and orbs, while others add to the drama with large clusters of lights in all sizes. are the most common, but they’re anything but average. Their cool clusters add instant whimsy to a space, while their sensational silhouette brings some elegance to the room. are a unique blend of past and present. They feature antique bulbs placed in modern design arrays, which makes for an undeniably cool fixture. Even the simplest pieces stand out with their exception profile and playful presence.

    How to Choose the Best Cluster Chandelier

    Choosing the perfect cluster chandelier is as simple as keeping the size of both the space and the chandelier in mind. Measure your room and use that information while you’re shopping to find the best fit for both your style and your space. But, truth be told, there really isn’t a bad choice when you’re deciding between such beautiful fixtures so long as the fixture is not too large or too small for the area it’s in. If you’re shopping for a fixture with a large cluster of bulbs, make sure that you have enough room to accompany the additional width. The most important thing to do is to keep the measurements of the fixture in mind before you start shopping.

    Other Considerations

    Cluster chandeliers are cool and unique, but they are also very modern. And although we think they would be a cool way to give a traditional home a transitional feel, we can’t blame you if you want something that feels a little more classic. are equally stunning, but that’s where their similarities end. Unlike these simple and sleek pieces, vintage chandeliers are large and ornate, and often feature detailed but heavy ironwork or metal banding. If you want a traditional chandelier, these are perfect.

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