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Grey Chandeliers

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  • Vitis 5 LED Chandelier
    Glass Color


    $5,72500 - $7,81500
  • Vitis 3 LED Chandelier
    Glass Color


    $3,79000 - $5,16000
  • Vitis 7 LED Chandelier
    Glass Color


    $7,86000 - $10,46500

Why Choose Modern Grey Chandeliers

Grey is an interesting color because it encompasses the best mix of extremes. Grey chandeliers are the same way because they have a unique ability to be both captivating and understated, as well as dramatic and modest at the same time. They are a versatile lighting choice so that they can easily blend into almost any existing décor or color scheme.

While grey is often associated with subdued elements, it can actually be a quite captivating color. Modern grey chandeliers can come in a variety of fashions, from a sleek chrome finish to a vintage iron. Not only do they blend in easily with the contemporary home, but grey chandeliers will dazzle and delight guests with a unique charm that is a mix of classic and forward-thinking.

How to Select the Right Grey Chandelier

While it may seem that there is only one type of grey chandelier, it couldn’t be further from the truth. To start with, grey chandeliers come in different color tones that can really impact the way they look and feel in the room.

Dark gray is an excellent choice for those that want to add a bit of dramatic flair to the room. Dray gray chandeliers are often associated with a sophisticated look that meshes well with soft tones, such as white, tan, or neutrals.

Light grey chandeliers are a nice option to brighten the mood of a space, while easily blending in with almost any décor. Light grey chandeliers work well in spaces with dark wallpaper, furniture, or decorations. Ash grey chandeliers are in between light and dark, so they are a versatile solution for almost any space.

Material is another important factor to consider when choosing the right grey chandelier. Most, but not all, grey chandeliers are made of metal such as stainless steel, aluminum, or iron. Stainless steel and aluminum are excellent choices because they are durable and hardy materials. are another excellent choice because they offer a distinctive look while being strong and long-lasting.

Create a Well-Designed Space with Grey Chandeliers

Grey chandeliers can easily transform the atmosphere of the modern home. From abstract to candelabra, a grey chandelier can come in a variety of styles and designs to meet the personality of the space. Modern grey chandeliers merge aesthetics and functionality, often emerging with cutting edge looks. Rustic or farmhouse grey chandeliers often use mixed materials like metal and wood to give off a homey vibe.

Grey chandeliers can work in almost any room of the contemporary home, but they are commonly found in entryways or dining rooms. Grey chandeliers suspended in the entryway can impress guests with a certain air of charm and grace. Make sure to place the chandelier in the center of the room so it can be admired from all angles.

A grey chandelier in the dining room can make the space seem more formal, yet inviting at the same time. If installing a grey chandelier above a dining room or kitchen table, hang it about 30 inches above the surface. For high ceilings, add three inches for every foot of extra ceiling.

Grey chandeliers also work well in other rooms of the modern home, such as the office, bedroom, or living room. For those looking for more inspiration, and are other excellent options to elevate the mood of any contemporary space.

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