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Twin Bed Frames

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Bed Size: Twin
  • isskuS7 Nook Bed
    4 Size Options
    $1,99500 - $3,89500
  • isskuS7 Dodu Bed
    4 Size Options
    $1,79500 - $2,19500
  • isskuS7 New Standard Bed
    4 Size Options
  • isskuS7 Me Time Bed
    4 Size Options
    $1,59500 - $1,99500
  • isskuS7 Sarah Bed with High Footboard
    5 Size Options
    $2,72700 - $4,63400
  • isskuS7 Sarah Bed
    5 Size Options
    $2,10300 - $3,56400
  • isskuS7 Post Up Bed
    2 Size Options
  • isskuS7 Me Time Leather Bed
    4 Size Options
    $2,29500 - $2,69500

Twin Bed 

When redoing an entire bedroom space, the bed is one of the most important aspects to get right. Beds can come in different sizes and colors and the frames can be in different styles and colors as well. Each of these things contributes to the overall look and feel of the room, making it an important part when redecorating. The other furniture, accessories and light fixtures are also important, and as such it is imperative to design the entire room before purchasing any single piece to ensure the entire room flows together. 

When planning the bedroom around a twin bed one should know what a twin bed is often used for. The two options are for a single adult who doesn’t mind less space to sleep or wants extra space in the room itself and the other (more common) reason is for a child’s bedroom. A twin bed frame must match the style of the user, so if it is a child consider adding more casual and fun, childlike things. The furniture and light fixtures should express this as well in order to have a cohesive feel in the room. 

Other Considerations 

When mentioned above that the lighting fixtures are not as important, well, it’s correct – except when needed to match the type of bed as well, in which case they are equally as important. This is because, in order to establish flow in the room, a sense of symmetry and style has to be established. There has to be a throughline where guests and frequent users feel welcomed in the space, a thing proper style can establish right away. 

For a child’s room an excellent option for light fixtures are string lights for the bedroom. String lights are casual and fun and allow for an extent of customization. They hang on the walls, draping into the room, or perhaps hang on the bed frame or the posters of the bed, to create a warm and calming environment. If the string lights are also dimmable, the child can choose how bright the lights need to be such as for winding down just before bedtime.