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Wall Clocks

70 Results
  • QLOCKTWO Wall Clock
    $1,55000 - $1,92000
  • OJ Wall Clock
    2 Size Options
    $11000 - $12000
  • Pico Wall Clock
  • Barcelona Wall Clock
  • Nelson Ball Clock
    $45000 - $58000
  • Punta Wall Clock
  • Nelson Sunburst Clock
    $55500 - $60500
  • Cris Wall Clock
    $57000 - $64000
  • Mini Barcelona Wall Clock
  • New Anda Wall Clock
    $80000 - $90500
  • Micro Barcelona Wall Clock
  • ERA Wall Clock
    2 Size Options
    $4859 - $8099
  • Pendulo Wall Clock
    $98000 - $1,04000
  • Delmori Wall Clock
    $1,89000 - $2,10000
  • Nelson Sunflower Clock
    $1,62500 - $1,77000
  • Ciclo Wall Clock
    $64500 - $74500
  • Rodon Wall Clock
    $45000 - $81000
  • Doble Wall Clock
  • Axioma Wall Clock
    3 Size Options
    $39000 - $65000
  • Creator's Edition Rust Wall Clock
    2 Size Options
    $2,95000 - $10,40000
  • Dos Puntos Wall Clock
  • Firenze Wall Clock
  • Micro Anda Wall Clock

Learn More About Wall Clocks

Why We Love Wall Clocks

Modern wall clocks add a timeless touch of class to the key rooms of your home. With style and grace, these functional pieces of art tell the time so you always know where you need to be at any given moment. Whether made of sleek wood, polished metal or glass, these exquisite timepieces elevate the style of your walls, lending sophistication as well as utility. The selection of mid century modern clocks features both grand and petite choices to hang throughout your home. The addition of a clock in your home's décor spotlights a bit of your personal sense of style while helping to ensure you are always on time.

Where Wall Clocks Work Best

The helpful nature of contemporary wall clocks makes them a savvy choice for wall décor in just about any part of the home. Kitchens tend to be the most obvious spot to hang a clock, aiding with cooking times and generally letting everyone know the time. Clocks add dramatic beauty to other parts of the home as well, such as in a formal living room or a cozy family room, picking up on the vibe of the surrounding décor. A bedroom clock enhances the room's aesthetic, adding a functional layer to the existing array of artwork. An office, study or workshop also gains great boons from an attractive wall clock, assuring you don't become forever lost in your work.

A Wall Clock for Every Style

For as many rooms as you have in your home, you can find a suitable clock to tell the time. Many distinctive styles make it easy to accentuate your existing décor or add a dramatic pop of personality. Designer wall clocks by Vitra appeal to the eye within the basic laws of symmetry, showcasing artistic, geometric number markers and significant hands. Styles by Alessi offer tons of personality boosted by time-telling charm, featuring such unique designs as those displaying the idea of movement beyond the clocks hands, not to mention a blank wall clock you can actually write on. Clocks by Kartell are the true definition of eye candy, featuring juicy hues and designs that are as sleek as a freshly pressed tuxedo, accented by exquisite details of course.

Choosing the Best Wall Clocks

Finding just the right modern wall clocks for your home can be a fun adventure in artistic style. Consider the size of the space where you will hang your clock and compare the dimensions of the clock itself. Choose a dramatic wall clock for a large space or the minimalist beauty of a smaller one for a subtle accent. Base your decision on the style and color of the clock, selecting one that coordinates with your existing color scheme or stands apart and calls attention as a focal point for the room. If you have any questions about the wall-mounted clocks featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you like the way contemporary wall clocks can elevate the look and feel of the room, you'll also enjoy other fine home accents. Imagine how you can uplift your home's atmosphere with stunning wall art. Decorative mirrors of all sizes also offer impressive effects on your home's look, creating illusions of bigger spaces and capturing beautiful reflections of smiling faces. And round out the look of the home with additional home furnishings including bedding, rugs, kitchen accents, bath accessories and more.

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