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Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design

Light, airy and practical, Scandinavian design embraces functionalism with an organic touch that calls the outdoors to mind.
This minimalist style is cozy, calming and effortless.

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1611 Results
  • PH 5 Pendant
    $1,22400 - $1,53600
  • Unfold Pendant
  • Ambit Pendant
    4 Size Options
    $25900 - $92500
  • PH 5 Mini Pendant
    $88600 - $1,19800
  • Panton Chair (1999)
  • CH24 Wishbone Chair
    $78000 - $1,68000
  • Here Comes the Sun Pendant
    5 Size Options
    $22400 - $1,30400
  • Under The Bell Pendant
    Shade Color
    2 Size Options
    $72500 - $88900
  • Cirque Pendant Light
    3 Size Options
    $48400 - $1,04200
  • E27 Mini Pendant
    $12500 - $13500
  • Panthella Mini LED Table Lamp
    $61800 - $1,02800
  • FAROL Mobile Rechargeable LED Table Lamp
  • F.A.33 Rectangular Mirror
    2 Size Options
    $1,49900 - $2,29900
  • Multi-Lite Pendant
  • Tip LED Wall Sconce
  • Ambit Rail Lamp
  • Octo 4240 Pendant
    $1,49400 - $1,58000
  • Strand Closed Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $94500 - $1,14900
  • Toldbod 6.1 Outdoor Wall Sconce
  • Panthella Floor Lamp
  • PH 4/3 Pendant
  • AJ Floor Lamp
    $1,43000 - $1,68000
  • Rime Pendant
    Hardware Finish
    3 Size Options

Why We Love Scandinavian Designs

In the 1950s, a design style emphasizing craftsmanship, simplicity and functionality emerged in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. This style became known collectively as Scandinavian design. As much an ideological movement as a look, Scandinavian design espoused creating beautiful and useful pieces that are approachable and accessible to everyone. At Lumens, designs from all Scandinavian countries are represented, as is a wide range of Scandinavian-based brands from Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The collection is vast and spans decades of designs to deliver an offering that amplifies the layout of any space.

Where Scandinavian Designs Work Best

Knowing how important and enriching good design can be, we love the idea of modern design created for all. And we simply love the overall look. When gathered together as a group, a proliferation of white finishes, pale woods and formal yet delicate forms give Scandinavian interior design an overall light and cheerful quality. This distinctively blithe personality means that Scandinavian furniture and accessories are refreshingly natural and without pretentiousness, and are equally comfortable in contemporary and classic settings. Whether used in the the living room, the office or on display in the dining room, you'll find that the introduction of Nordic design to your home is happily welcomed.

It truly is modern design that anyone and any space can enjoy.

Create a Well-Designed Space with Danish Modern Lighting

Danish lighting works well in the modern home, whether it is needed to complement existing décor or add a touch of elegance to a new space. For those that already have Danish furnishings, are the perfect and simple way to enhance the atmosphere.

For homeowners that want to redefine the look of their space with a Scandinavian look, Danish design is great to do just that without breaking the bank. Suspending a Danish chandelier in an entryway or above a dining room table will instantly add a dash of that unique look without having to renovate the entire space.

Contemporary Danish lighting works well even when other design influences are evident in a room. Danish lighting takes inspiration from so both of these styles will work well in a room together. For instance, Danish lamps can add to the appeal of space with industrial ceiling lights. is another type of design that will mesh with the Danish style. Both offer the best of European artistry while adding a sense of order and harmony to the ambiance of the space.

Other Considerations

To browse more trending looks and collections of hand-selected designs we are currently loving, head over to our Looks We Love page. You may also appreciate the distinct look in the assortment of mid-century modern designs. Retro furniture, lighting and home furnishings inspired by trends of the 1950s have a similar appeal as the Scandinavian fixtures featured here and will be an easy implementation to your home's decor. With style of lighting and furniture you choose, be sure to properly outfit it with a selection of well-designed home furnishings too.

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