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Kitchen Multi-Light Pendants

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  • Champagne LED Multi Light Pendant
  • Victoria Multi Light LED Pendant
    $43680 - $1,70100
  • Chute LED Multi-Light Pendant
    3 Size Options
    $68040 - $1,62120
  • Vega Motion LED Multi Light Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $89880 - $1,13190
  • Vega Minor LED Multi Light Pendant
    $1,04160 - $1,70940
  • Rain Multi-Light Pendant
    $1,81000 - $4,03000
  • Vega LED Multi-Light Pendant
    $94710 - $1,55400
  • Mykonos Lantern Pendant
  • Stack LED Multi-Light Pendant


    $59415 - $2,12415 $699.00 - $2,499.00
  • Mina Multi-Light Pendant
    $1,52000 - $5,26000
  • Chute LED Round Multi-Light Pendant
  • Swank LED Multi-Light Pendant
    $43800 - $1,17800
  • 14.3 Multi-Light Pendant
    Glass Color
    $1,17000 - $1,41000
  • Velo Multi Light Pendant
    2 Size Options
  • Alison Multi-Light Pendant



    $56700 $1,134.00
  • Aim Small Multipoint LED Pendant
    $2,21000 - $3,60000
  • Magic LED Multi-Light Pendant
    $59900 - $1,54900
  • Soji LED Multi-Light Pendant
  • Main St. Multi-Light Pendant
    $2,17600 - $6,02300
  • Huron LED Multi-Light Pendant
    $1,02060 - $1,63380
  • Larmes Multi-Light Pendant
    $49800 - $1,19800
  • Chute Motion LED Pendant
  • Sonoma Ave. Multi-Light Pendant
    $94100 - $3,36100
  • Beam LED Multi-Light Pendant



    $2,53198 - $5,37438 $2,978.80 - $6,322.80

Learn More About Kitchen Multi-Light Pendants

Why We Love Kitchen Multi-Pendant Lights

When a single decorative pendant won't work for the space, a cluster of modern multi-light pendants in the kitchen is your next best option. Whether you need a multi-pendant light for its functional lighting reasons or to fit in with your kitchen's design scheme, there is a fixture here you will love. And in addition to the noticeable amount of light one of these pendants bring to a space, they also help to establish a personality in the room.

Graceful, elegant and unique. Cluster pendants are an eye-catching way to bring decorative character to a room that is otherwise considered a work space. Hanging multiple pendants in any space is a form of modern lighting and the kitchen is an ideal room for having a wealth of illumination strung together from a multi-point canopy. Of course, a multi-pendant fixture works well over the kitchen island, but you'll also appreciate suspending one of these intricate displays of modern design over the kitchen table. And with the advent of LED technology, any of these well-designed fixtures is sure to bring plenty of bright light to the room too.

A Kitchen Multi-Pendant for Every Style

While multi-pendant lighting is often considered a tenet of modern lighting, these pendant lights have the ability to fit into a variety of kitchen aesthetics encompassing the complete interior spectrum. To suit a mid-century modern themed kitchen, you'll want to look to the Jonathan Adler Rio Multi-Pendant. Like most of Jonathan Adler's designs, the Rio Multi-Pendant is inspired by the looks of the 1950s and makes a much-appreciated retro statement. Whether you are entertaining or preparing an everyday meal in your kitchen, you'll love the presence of a Jonathan Adler fixture. And for something truly contemporary, consider the Teardrop Multi-Pendant Light by Robert Sonneman. Sonneman is coined as the "Father of Modern Lighting" and this moniker is clearly supported by the Teardrop pendant. Colors and finishes in the ET2 Lighting collection complement the transitional kitchen and look to Terzani for a piece that makes a luxurious statement. Finally, make your kitchen energy efficient with an LED multi-pendant light.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cluster Pendants

Large, robust light fixtures tend to occupy a lot of space on the ceiling. Before deciding to install a multi-light fixture in your kitchen, you'll need to properly measure the area above the island or table where it will be installed. Keep in mind important dimensions like height, width and weight, as well as its location in relation to your electrical box. With the right size and shape in mind, you can then refine all of your options by colors, finishes and unique accents that give your kitchen its personality. Look to the fixture's lumen output as well to determine how bright it will be and check its required bulb type to be prepared with the right light bulbs. If you have any questions about the kitchen multi-pendant light fixtures featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Smaller kitchens and breakfast nooks benefit from the size of mini pendant lights instead of a multi-light suspended from a single canopy. Similar to the multi-pendant lights here, mini pendants hang in a cluster and successfully provide layered light for the space. However, the fixture's size is substantially smaller than traditional multi-pendants, giving you more flexibility in more space-constricted areas. Or, you may also want to use a flexible track light system to suspend multiple points of light from a single source. Lastly, place any new lighting on a dimmer control to set the right amount of illumination in the kitchen.

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