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Modern Kitchen Benches

27 Results
  • Tuck 8001 Bench
  • Plank Bench
  • Bellevie Bench
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  • Bench 153B
    $98000 - $1,14500
  • Luxembourg Bench
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  • Run Bench - Clear Anodized Frame
    2 Size Options
    $1,61000 - $2,50000
  • Run Bench Felt Seat Pad
    2 Size Options
    $31000 - $39500
  • Construct Bench
    $44000 - $61600 $550.00 - $770.00
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  • Azara Bench
  • Tuck Bench
  • Alfresco Bench
    5 Size Options
    $39500 - $1,39500
  • Branch Bench
    $60000 $750.00
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  • Amicable Split Bench
    3 Size Options
    $47920 - $79200 $599.00 - $990.00
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  • Florence Knoll Two-Seater Bench
    $3,78400 - $3,98900
  • Florence Knoll Three-Seater Bench
    $6,30800 - $6,54400
  • Bench 153A
    $1,23500 - $1,39500
  • Essentials Bench
    $75800 - $91400
  • HC Bench
    3 Size Options
    $39500 - $87500
  • Currant Benches
    $46300 - $58000
  • Pirkka Bench
    2 Size Options
    $1,45000 - $1,61000
  • Modern Farmhouse Bench
    Top Finish
    2 Size Options
    $1,53400 - $1,76600
  • Run Bench - Black Frame
    2 Size Options
    $1,67500 - $2,41500
  • Fresh Air Bench 18
  • Audrey Bench
    2 Size Options
    $98800 - $1,96800

Why We Love Kitchen Benches

In a space that often needs to accommodate seating for multiple people, kitchen benches are a go-to choice and accomplish what would typically require a few standard chairs. Modern benches are designed with clean-lines and contemporary style in mind, and they are able to successfully provide a place to sit that your guests will enjoy. Suited to work at the main table or to stand on their own as a piece of accent furniture in the corner of the room, you'll love adding a bench to your kitchen's decor.

Benches offer a creative way to supplement your seating in the kitchen that you won't find in a traditional arm chair or stool. At the kitchen table, benches proudly provide an additional place to sit for you or your guests and they are guaranteed to work well with almost any style of table. Or, you may consider a corner bench as a catchall for your everyday items and as a way to creatively accent the space. For function or fashion, benches are always a welcomed choice in the contemporary kitchen.

A Kitchen Bench For Every Style

The understated beauty of a good looking bench is its ability to work well in almost any interior aesthetic. Whether your kitchen is filled with modern decor, granite countertops and the like, or it trends on the traditional side of interior decorating, a bench has no problem fitting in. Look to a contemporary bench in the Blu Dot collection to suit just about any kitchen layout. For an iconic piece of furniture, you'll love the classic options from Alvar Aalto reintroduced from Artek. As a bench or sometimes as an accent table, Gus Modern's choices are sleek and inspired by a love of mid-century design. Lastly, find traditional and well-made upholstered benches in the Copeland Furniture selection.

Choosing the Best Kitchen Benches

With any furniture you choose to introduce to your kitchen - from a table to stools to a bench - you'll need to be cognizant of its size. If you plan to place a bench at the kitchen table, fully measure the dimensions of the table first to properly determine your options. Look to a bench's height, length and width to make the best choice for your exact table. Even if you opt for an accent bench in the corner of the room, size is an important consideration. You'll also want to consider the construction of the bench and how it plays into its surroundings in the room. While most benches are made from varying forms of wood, you will find equally stylish steel benches too. With a size and style in mind, you are ready to choose a new bench for your kitchen. If you have any questions about the kitchen benches featured here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Benches find their role in other spaces of the home too. Dining room benches are at once elegant and luxurious, perfectly suited for the formal dining room. And the entryway benefits from a bench as well, where it can act as an accent table to catch keys, bags and essentials or as a spot for guests to sit while they are waiting. Foyer benches are often slimmer in stature, but they still add plenty of decorative impact and work to round out the look of the space. Before you choose a new bench for the kitchen, you may need a table to go with it. Modern kitchen tables are a fundamental choice of furniture for the room and many are statement-making pieces you will happily invite into your home.

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