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8 Results
  • Hadley Floor Lamp
  • Pluto Floor Lamp
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  • Harlequin Floor Lamp
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  • Condo Floor Lamp



Art Deco Floor Lamps

Characterized by extravagant materials, geometric influences and metallic finishes, Art Deco lighting is lavish and luxurious, and Art Deco floor lamps are no exception. Floor lamps help create a cohesive layered lighting look that completes the design of a room. The geometric patterns and gold & silver embellishments will add a touch of opulence and elevate the style of any room they stand in.

Art Deco standing lamps are the perfect combination for standout lighting, but it can be a challenge to find other home decor styles that blend seamlessly with such extravagant pieces. The key is to stick to simplicity. Let Art Deco pieces shine with their ornate designs and opt for other pieces that have modern or minimalist influences, which tend to be very clean and sleek. The streamlined elegance of Art Deco wall sconces looks beautiful with the rich color palettes and elaborate details of a traditional style couch.

Other Considerations

The most important thing to consider with any type of floor lamp is the height. Too short and it will be overshadowed by larger furniture and won’t be able to function practically or decoratively. Too tall and it will stand out awkwardly against everything else. Measure your space to get a better feeling for a size range that works well. Then look for fun, unique details that will help it stand out and make a statement. Creative additions like a stunning starburst or diamond-shaped ornamentation adorning a base add to the sculptural presence of these elegant fixtures.

Art Deco floor lamps are stylish and practical but they’re not the only way to bring this beautiful style to the interior. Art Deco chandeliers are elegant and dramatic with their ornate designs and delicate elements. Rustic floor lamps shape the décor around an older time period. For a more subtle, yet equally exquisite option, Art Deco pendant lighting is a beautiful way to provide both ambient and task lighting. Don’t restrict these beautiful lights exclusively to the indoors of the home. With Art Deco outdoor lighting the sense of style and elegance can be brought to outdoor spaces.

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