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Bedroom Radios & Alarm Clocks

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Why We Love Bedroom Clocks & Radios

Rise and shine! Start wakin' for eggs and bac...well, you know how that goes. What better way to start your day than with a fun and playful alarm clock in the bedroom? An alarm clock or radio alarm ensures you are awake by the time you need to be and it also adds a stylish accent to your bedroom. These clocks and radios find the perfect home atop nightstands where they shout out their personality each and every morning.

Modern clocks take the functionality of the common alarm clock and transform it into an accent piece you are sure to want in your bedroom. These tabletop clocks take the pieces we love about modern design while preserving the classic clock shape and form. And the radios found here offer the same decoration and personality, all while being able to play your favorite tunes while you are getting ready in the morning. Choosing a clock or radio for your bedside is relatively easy and will enhance the overall look and feel of the room.

A Bedroom Clock or Radio for Every Style

As accent designs for the bedroom, these clocks and radios are meant to fit in a wide variety of interior decorated spaces. Whether your bedroom follows a traditional look or features the most modern furniture implements, these clocks and radios blend right in. In colorful bedrooms, you'll appreciate the QLOCKTWO Touch. This ultra-modern tabletop clock from QLOCKTWO is a sleek, highly sought-after design comprised of a front panel of LED illuminated letters that read the time to you. It's offered in multiple languages and more colors than you can think of. Finally, table clocks by LEFF Amsterdam are available in a number of colors and sizes that are sure to work well in any bedroom.

Choosing the Best Bedroom Clocks & Radio Alarm Clocks

Selecting just the right alarm clock or bedside radio is really up to you to find what will blend in with your existing decorations. Colorful clocks can complement vibrant bedding and rugs in the room or choose a stainless steel clock if your room follows more of a metallic look. Verify the clock's size to make sure it will appropriately fit on your bedside table or clothing dresser and review the features of the radios to find one that fits best in your audio needs. With so many options in this assortment, you'll find plenty of ways to add clocks and radios throughout all of the rooms in your home. If you have any questions about the bedroom clocks and radios found here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

The bedroom can be further decorated with additional furnishings and accessories. Consider a modern rug placed underneath the bed for add comfort and style on your bare floors. The right mix of bedding is key to establishing a comfortable presence in the bedroom and you'll find plenty of eye-catching designs to give your bed character. And if you like the style of the alarm clocks found here, you may also be interested in a modern wall clock. Wall clocks, especially the mid-century clocks from George Nelson for Vitra, make a statement in the bedroom and are almost like a work of art for the wall.