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Farmhouse Table Lamps

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77 Results
  • Mason Table Lamp
    $30050 - $33150
  • Veneto Table Lamp
    2 Size Options
    $25452 - $35452
  • June Accent Lamp
  • Double Gourd Table Lamp
    Base Finish
  • Hamilton Table Lamp
  • Harvey Table Lamp
    $39100 - $60650
  • Delilah Table Lamp
  • Victor Table Lamp
    $32450 - $35800
  • Nikole Table Lamp
    2 Size Options
    $20500 - $74550
  • Lorne Table Lamp
  • Orion Table Lamp
    $34200 - $42450
  • Marcel Table Lamp
  • Olinda Table Lamp with Night Light
    Shade Color
    2 Size Options
  • Gesture Table Lamp
  • Bryant Cone Table Lamp
    $31900 - $35900
  • Contour Accent Lamp
  • Epoque Mini LED Portable Battery Table Lamp
  • Franklin Table Lamp
  • Franklin Table Lamp
    $31650 - $38200
  • Horizon 62 Table Lamp
    Glass Color
  • Contour Table Lamp
  • June Table Lamp
    Shade Color
    $49700 - $86950
  • Epoque Max LED Portable Battery Table Lamp
  • Raquel Tall Table Lamp

Farmhouse Table Lamps

For a rustic look in the home, consider the addition of farmhouse style. Ideal for the rough and handmade look, farmhouse style speaks to the greater outdoors and the simpler nature humans used to live in. Farmhouse style, and by virtue, table lamps, use a neutral tone and natural materials to reflect a simpler time to live. Like other table lamps, farmhouse table lamps provide a warm accent glow that can also be used as a task lamp if placed near a sitting area. These pieces tend to be subtle and tie the room together almost imperceptibly, elevating the warm and welcoming décor of the room.

How to Choose the Best Farmhouse Table Lamps

Farmhouse fixtures can complement essentially any home style, so don’t be worried about matching with existing fixtures and furniture. The neutral tones and natural materials such as the abundant use of wood make nearly any home style welcoming to a farmhouse styled piece. That is, though, that farmhouse style, although working with other styles, really shines and comes together when a clear vision is in place that includes rustic furniture and rustic pendant lighting. With these additional rustic elements, the table lamp no longer becomes a single appealing piece, but rather becomes part of the background that subtly elevates the room as it accents the décor.

Farmhouse and rustic table lamps can also work well outdoors, going into the place they take elements from, rather than only remaining indoors and sheltered away as an homage. The farmhouse look can elevate a covered patio or a large seating area, particularly one with a wide view of the outdoors or a nearby water fixture. As with any styled piece, when placing a fixture outside it is imperative to check the location rating. The location rating of the fixture will be either wet or damp if it can be placed outdoors. A wet rating lets the unit be directly exposed to water, while the damp rating means it can only be in proximity to water, such as in the same environment like under a covered patio.

Art Deco sconces can also complete the look by adding necessary accent light to certain parts of the room. Paired on either side of a fireplace, or lined along a dark hallway, these sconces will truly stand out in the home. The sconces can even be placed outside, such as by the front door to announce guests and to inform all visitors of the style awaiting them inside the home. For outside applications, just make sure the sconce has the appropriate location rating, either wet or damp, to confirm if the piece can be exposed to water or not. The same applies to table lamps or pendants looking to be place in an outside setting such as under a covered patio.

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