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Cage Black
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76 Results
  • Townsend Chandelier
    $39800 - $77800
  • Glasglow 9 Light Pendant
  • Vath Pendant
  • Voleta Pendant
    3 Size Options
    $22499 - $65499
  • Atom Pendant
    3 Size Options
    $22440 - $51920
  • Dianna Wide Pendant
    Free Gift Only at Lumens
  • Circular Detail Metal Pendant
    $38240 $478.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Gerard Pendant
  • Corey Pendant
  • Aubrey Pendant
  • Mallory Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $28640 - $47520 $358.00 - $594.00
    20% Savings Today
  • 4 Light Orb Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $31800 - $57800
  • Babaton Pendant
  • Kennington Mini Pendant
    $15130 $178.00
    15% Savings Today
  • Gabriel Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $44400 - $60400
  • Brooks Pendant
    3 Size Options
    $54400 - $1,08480 $680.00 - $1,356.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Luna Lantern Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $33390 - $50339
  • Archello Chandelier
    3 Size Options
    $29800 - $39990
  • Bentley Pendant
  • Jamie Pendant
    $12900 - $14900
  • Carter Foyer Pendant
  • Entry Pendant
    $14600 - $19900
  • Val Mini Pendant


    $19458 - $20286 $324.30 - $338.10
    40% Savings Only at Lumens
  • Breitling Pendant

Create A Well-Designed Space With Modern Black Cage Pendant Lights

Considered one of the most adaptable fixture types by design professionals, pendant lighting provides functional and attractive lighting to various indoor and outdoor spaces. Contemporary pendant lights the epitome of flexible design that works well in spaces with aesthetics ranging from utilitarian to industrial to traditional.

Perfect for commercial interiors such as workspaces, lobby areas, and corridors as well as residential spaces like formal dining rooms, foyers, bathrooms and kitchens, pendant lights provide an easy to install way to upgrade lighting in these areas. Adding to their appeal, today’s modern pendant lights come in an array of finishes, lighting types, and size options including ultramodern cylindrical fixtures with , and multi-point industrial-inspired black cage pendants.

Best-Selling Black Cage Pendant Lights

The best-selling fixtures in this category offer a host of features that work well in just about every decor type. From large black cage-style pendant lights to compact mini cage pendants ideal for spaces with minimal square footage, there is sure to be a cage pendant that meets your design needs. For an abstract look consider grouping cage pendants of varying sizes for an instant conversation starter.

In larger rooms, choose fixtures that are larger in scale like and expansive caged linear suspensions that feature multiple lights, dual suspension rods, and are made of resilient materials like hand-forged iron and die-cast aluminum.

For industrial or utilitarian spaces like workshops, lofts, and studio apartments, cage pendants with partial or fully exposed interior LEDs are an excellent choice. While black cage pendants are typically the go-to choice in these spaces, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Bringing or serve to soften these understated spaces combining the durability of the cage style with the softness of lustrous finishes. Other non-traditional cage-style fixtures include gilded with opaque opal glass shades, adjustable suspension cables, and complementary finishes like copper or matte black that are well-suited to ultramodern spaces like living rooms and bedrooms. If you want to maintain the look of cage pendants in a larger space, choose a fixture from a collection that also features gold cage chandeliers.

Other Considerations

Style is quite possibly the biggest factor when it comes to picking the ideal modern black cage lighting for your spaces, but there are a few other things to keep in mind before making a final decision. One of the biggest selling points of popular cage fixtures is lighting type. Whether you are installing your new pendant in a contemporary residential or commercial space, opt for pendant lighting designed to meet the needs of the space. Smaller spaces sometimes require bright lighting but cannot accommodate larger fixtures so it is best to choose cage pendants with a lot of negative space that lets light easily pass through. In spaces where task lighting is the priority, such as office spaces, choose cage pendants with opaque interior diffusers that direct light downward. Today's modern cage fixtures are compatible with LED, halogen, or incandescent lamping, further enhancing customization.

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