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Outdoor Shelving + Storage

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Outdoor Storage Cabinets

Like indoor spaces, outdoor areas of the modern home require storage space. To keep the outdoors looking clean and picturesque, shelving and boxes may be required to ensure all tools and outdoor accessories are organized and out of the way. Outdoor storage cabinets accomplish this with multiple shelving to organize items by frequency of use, task, or even color. Cabinets can even have doors to hide stored items, creating a flush and clean, even look for all guests visiting.

An outdoor storage box is another effective option, particularly for objects near the poolside. A storage box will be closer to the ground and, depending on size, can be used to hold barbecue accessories, pool toys, and games or outdoor furniture cushions, keeping them dry while it rains. An outdoor storage box typically requires bending over and opening a top-hinged door, but if this isn’t an issue it can be a universal storage solution.

Another option is to consider building storage by having drawers and cabinets built into an outdoor kitchen. Many outdoor kitchens will have a barbecue or refrigerator attached to them along with several storage opportunities.

For the ultimate outdoor getaway experience for family and friends, also consider an outdoor bar. Typically separate from an outdoor kitchen, the outdoor bar will have bar stools and storage and outdoor shelving for bottles, glasses, and accessories. The bar can also be placed near the poolside for quicker access, whereas the kitchen may be further away in a designated seating and eating area.