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Mid-Century Modern Benches

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Why We Love Mid-Century Modern Benches

Mid-century modern benches add function and style to many spaces around the house. They're supremely functional because they add extra seating in any room. They're stylish thanks to their smart construction, sleek finishes and intricate designs. Plus, these benches come in many styles, whether you prefer a sleek metal bench, a sturdy wooden one or a plush cushioned bench accented by upholstery. Modern bench seating is a versatile addition to your home, no matter the style you choose.

Where Retro Benches Work Best

Wherever you need extra seating, you could benefit from mid-century benches. You can add these benches to kitchen tables or dining room tables, replacing chairs with this more versatile bench seating. Consider pulling these benches out when you're entertaining, allowing you to add extra seating to any space. You can use these benches in living rooms and family rooms or even place them on a deck or patio for a gathering. These retro benches also work well in bedrooms, especially at the end of your bed. You might even consider adding a bench to your foyer or entryway where their retro flair can really be shown off. It'll serve as a convenient spot to put on or take off shoes while adding style to this space.

Mid-Century Modern Bench Ideas for Every Style

No mid-century modern bench is the same, which means you have plenty of options when selecting the right bench for your home. Gus Modern benches boast sturdy wood constructions and come available in a variety of finishes, including oak and walnut. Stainless steel accents, convenient trays and tufted upholstery are just a few of the features of these benches. Copeland Furniture features solid wood benches in cherry or walnut finishes. These benches work well at a casual dining room table, adding modern bench seating to this room. Saloom Furniture adds mid-century style to your space with its line of solid wood benches. They feature tapered, angled legs and come in a number of finishes. With so many benches available, you're sure to find the right look for your style.

How to Choose the Best Mid-Century Style Benches

Shopping for a mid-century modern bench doesn't have to be overwhelming. You just have to know what you're looking for. First, consider the bench construction that you prefer. Do you want a solid wood bench or one that has sturdy steel accents? Next, look at the different finishes that are available. If you select a wooden bench, for example, you can choose from many finishes including cherry, walnut and oak. Perhaps you want an upholstered bench with a cushion to maximize your comfort when you sit down. Finally, consider the silhouette of the mid-century modern bench that you desire. You can find benches with tapered legs, X-crossed legs, rounded legs and more. By carefully looking at the different features of these benches, you can find just the right one for your home. If you have any questions about the mid-century modern bench seating found here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Don't let your search for bench seating stop here. Check out kitchen benches, which are a smart way to add versatile seating to your breakfast nook. Or, consider adding bedroom benches to the master bedroom, placing them at the foot of your bed for both style and function. Some options even offer extra storage you will appreciate. In addition to this modern bench seating, you can find other mid-century modern furniture for all rooms of your home. For example, check out living room furniture that fits this design aesthetic, including mid-century lounge chairs, sofas and 1950s-inspired coffee tables.