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Modern Magazine Racks

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  • Magazine Rack
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  • Blow Up Magazine Holder
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  • WIRES Magazine Holder
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  • Front Page Magazine Rack
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  • Kanto Magazine/Firewood Rack
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  • Towel Ladder
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  • Doc Magazine Rack
  • Bend Basket - 18 In.
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  • HiFive Magazine Rack


  • Magazine Rack

Why We Love Magazine Racks

Keep your book and magazine collection organized and on display with a modern magazine rack. These contemporary magazine holders are the perfect fit in well-designed living rooms, kitchens and offices, reducing the amount of clutter in these spaces while also showing off your sense of style. Here you will find magazine racks in a variety of sizes and color options from the best names in home furnishings design.

Where Magazine Racks Work Best

Sitting elegantly atop a coffee table or desk is where you'll find the perfect home for any of these magazine stands. Magazine racks of course serve a functional purpose of keeping your loose magazines organized. But what you'll find with this selection is a unique decorating accessory that can play into the personality of your rooms. In home offices, where books, magazines and paper are mostly likely to be present, any of these organizing accessories will help keep things in order. Living rooms are also an ideal space for any of these designs where they are found playing an organizing role and contributing to the room's decor. And lastly, keep all of your cookbooks and recipe cutouts neatly stored in the kitchen. For purpose or personality, find a magazine holder for your space here.

Magazine Racks For Every Style

Not only do these magazine racks offer noticeable utility, they also work well in a variety of interior styles. Contemporary homes benefit from the sleek, stainless steel options available in the Blomus offering. Most of the Blomus collection, including the eye-catching magazine holders found here, feature stainless steel finishes you'll be sure to love. For a conversation starting pieces, look to Alessi's Blow Up Magazine Holder. As part of the Blow Up collection of decorative home furnishings, this particular magazine holder is literally exploding with unique personality. Finally, if it's a simple storage basket you need for your books and magazines, look to the Connor Storage Basket from Calligaris.

How to Choose the Best Magazine Holder

As with any home organizing accessory or tool, these items are meant to serve a purpose of keeping things organized and supplement your existing decor. And while considered an accessory item, you'll want to carefully browse this selection to find the right sizes, colors and finishes for your situation. First, decide if you want a magazine stand to sit on top of a flat surface or if you prefer something that is mounted to the wall. If you're without a coffee table, side tables or a desk to hold your magazines, a wall-mounted rack is your best choice. Refine your options by colors and finishes and decide if there is a particular brand you would prefer. Most of these magazine holders are part of bigger product families, allowing you to refresh your home's decor with a consistent look and feel. If you have any questions about the magazine racks featured here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

A contemporary magazine holder is just one element of keeping your space organized. You may also want to view the home storage category for well-designed bins, baskets and containers, and look to the wine racks assortment for an elegant way to keep the vino stored until your next dinner party. Consider a modern credenza for the living room or bedroom and tie the entire house's style together with a selection of well-chosen decorative accessories. Decorative accessories, including tabletop vases, bowls and baskets lend themselves to an organizing role as well, but they also put your personal aesthetic on display.

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