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Gifts for the Animal Lover

Gifts for the Animal Lover

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Gifts for the Animal Adorer

The holiday season is a time of warmth, joy and sharing moments with loved ones, including cherished pets and the animal enthusiasts among us. For those who hold a special place in their hearts for the animal kingdom, we've curated a selection of lighting, furniture and home decor that pays homage to our furry, feathered and finned friends.

Decorative Accessories

For the aficionado of both opulence and animals, merge the two passions with a collection of decorative accessories. An exquisite range of luxury pieces awaits, from intricately designed vases with animal sculptures that serve as conversation starters to playful wooden dolls with artistic animal prints. Consider the simple yet charming design of the Eames House Bird from Vitra or the L’Oiseau Cork bird for the surfaces throughout the home. Gift your beloved animal enthusiast a touch of refined wilderness, ensuring their home remains both chic and charmingly beastly.

Bedding & Textiles

Indulge the animal enthusiast with a lavish selection of bedding and textiles that beautifully celebrate their passion. Our curated collection boasts luxury comforters, pillows and pillow covers adorned with elegant animal motifs. Soft-to-the-touch and crafted with precision, these items not only provide supreme comfort but also act as pieces of art for the bedroom. While searching for the perfect animal print, consider completing the loom with animal-inspired lamps such as the Purr Table Lamp from Moooi. These upscale offerings are sure to delight the heart of any animal lover while elevating their sleep sanctuary.

Pet Accessories

For the devoted animal lover who adores pampering their furry friends, devote a look at an array of pet accessories that effortlessly merge function with finesse. Consider lavish pet beds upholstered in premium fabrics, evoking a sense of opulence and warmth for our four-legged companions. Discover designer feeding bowls that seamlessly integrate into a modern décor scheme and clean treat containers that house the best part of a pet’s day.

Wall Sconces

Our collection of wall sconces draws inspiration from the majestic beauty of the animal kingdom. Whether it's an intricate design of a favorite dog or mimicking the spoils of a hunt with the head of a moose, these wall fixtures are not just lighting solutions but artistic statements. Each piece serves as a loving homage to nature's creatures, capturing their spirit with elegant curves and meticulous detailing. Perfect for the discerning animal lover with a penchant for sophisticated decor, these sconces will illuminate their spaces while reminding them of the wild wonders they hold dear.

Other Considerations

A mug of tea or coffee might be delicious all on its own, but having some nibbles to go along with it creates an experience to really savor. For anyone who likes to whip up treats from scratch, find an array of baking tools and other kitchen accessories in our selection of Gifts for Chefs. You may also want to see Gifts for Wine Lovers for a collection of corkscrews, decanters and accessories wine enthusiasts will enjoy. Finally, take a look at the complete 2023 Gift Guide for all of the great gift options available at Lumens.