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Aluminum Ceiling Fans

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3 Results
  • isskuS7 Ball Ceiling Fan
    Fan Blade Finish
    $34425 - $45050 $405.00 - $530.00
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  • isskuS7 Bianca Direcional Ceiling Fan
    $81360 - $97560 $1,017.00 - $1,219.50
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  • isskuS7 Horizon LED Ceiling Fan
    Fan Body and Blade Finish


    $47952 $599.40
    15% Savings Today

Why We Love Aluminum Ceiling Fans

Aluminum ceiling fans are light-weight fans that draw the eye upward with their distinctive finish. From classic blade options to unique drum shapes, these fans checkboxes for both style and purpose. Not only will they keep you cool in the summer, but they’ll also help keep you warm in the winter by circulating warm air, and they’ll add an unexpected design element to your rooms. In short, an aluminum blade ceiling fan is a good choice for every homeowner who wants their home to reflect their style without sacrificing function.

Where Aluminum Ceiling Fans Work the Best

Aluminum ceiling fans do much more than just circulating air so when you’re deciding where to place them don’t just choose a random spot. You’ll want to hang them somewhere they can function purposefully, but also somewhere they can be noticed. An aluminum ceiling fan with a light will brighten up living areas while contributing a subtle design piece. An aluminum outdoor ceiling fan looks beautiful under a gazebo or patio and will help keep things breezy on hot summer nights. supplement air circulating functions with long-lasting, energy-saving lights, allowing them to literally transform dark, stuffy rooms.

Favorite Aluminum Blade Ceiling Fan Shapes and Styles

The most modern brushed aluminum ceiling fans sport only two blades while some styles have up to eight blades and even others seem to have no blades. From drum shade like housings to your classic fan shape, there are plenty of styles to choose from. If aluminum ceiling fans weren’t quite what you were looking for, peruse our selection of . They’ll provide similarly interesting designs with a lighter look.

How to Choose the Right Aluminum Fan

Generally speaking, the larger the room, the larger the fan blades should be to make certain that they can do their job. If you have low ceilings flush mount options won’t infringe on your vertical space. Alternatively, if you have high ceilings, try adding a fan that hangs lower for more impact. For sloped ceilings, make sure that you have a sloped ceiling kit to hang your new brushed aluminum fan. And, if there’s a specific spot that you feel needs extra attention, look for a directional aluminum ceiling fan so you can control airflow. As always, if your fan will be placed outdoors, double-check to confirm that it is wet-rated to handle all weather.

Other Aluminum Considerations

Aluminum fixtures aren’t limited to just fans. Pair your new patio fan with for a consistent style outside of the home. Or, head inside and add to your kitchen or hallways where they can provide sufficient lighting and elevate your interiors. An is an unexpected, yet refined touch for dining and living areas alike.