Recessed Housings

Without the power provided by recessed housings, your recessed lighting would be little more than a hole in the ceiling. The range of available housings accommodates a variety of installation needs for new construction or for retrofitting during remodels. They come in standard line voltage or with a transformer to convert to low voltage. Finally, the selection of recessed housings is IC (Insulated Contact) or non-IC rated as needed to meet specific building codes.

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Where Recessed Housings Go Best

New construction housings are generally larger and are designed to attach directly to joists in a ceiling before the drywall has been installed. Remodel housings are smaller, requiring a minimal opening in existing drywall. IC rated housings are the best choice in locations where insulation will come in touch with it. Non-IC rated housings are best installed between floors of a building, where there will be no insulation contact.

Other Great Options

You can finish your recessed ceiling lights and give them the style to complement your home's decor with any of the available decorative recessed trims from Bruck Lighting, WAC and more.


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