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Recessed Remodel Housings

45 Results
  • Oculux 3.5" IC Rated Remodel Housing
  • 3000 Series Remodel Non-IC Housing
    $3240 - $8244
  • Generation 2 120V Recessed Housing
  • Entra Adjustable Remodel Housing
  • Volta Non-IC Rated Remodel Housing
  • 3" Tesla LED Remodel Non-IC Airtight Housing
  • Urbai 4 Inch Remodel Housing
    $12474 - $13590
  • 4" Line Voltage Non-IC Remodel Housing
  • 4" Low Voltage Non-IC Remodel Housing
  • Ardito 3.5 in. Remodel Housing
    $10890 - $11880
  • Concerto LED 3 1/2 Inch Remodel Housing
    $10440 - $11340
  • 6" Non-IC Remodel Housing
  • 5" Line Voltage IC Remodel Housing
  • Ardito 2.5 in. Remodel Housing
  • Ardito 3.5 in. Multicolor Tuning Remodel Housing
  • Generation 2 Multivolt Recessed Housing
  • 6" Economy IC Remodel Housing
  • 2000 Series Remodel Non-IC Housing
    $3240 - $7992
  • Baia Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Kit
    $19600 - $22800
  • Volta 2 Inch Non IC Remodel Housing
  • Day Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Kit
    Glass Color
    $20400 - $21600
  • 2" Tesla LED Non-IC Remodel Airtight Housing
  • Disk Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Kit
    Glass Color
    $20400 - $23600
  • Sun LED Recessed Light

Learn More About Recessed Remodel Housings

Why We Love Recessed Remodel Housings

Recessed lighting lends versatility and beautiful, understated illumination to the home. This style of lighting can be an effective choice for many different rooms, offering abundant brightness or simple accent and task lighting, depending on the needs of the location where the lighting is being installed. Recessed remodel housings work behind the scenes to keep the lighting securely attached within the ceiling supports.

Remodel housings offer a relatively easy installation process as this hardware does not require attic access or early-stage access like new construction housings do. Homeowners can choose between two types of remodeling housings-- either "insulation contact (IC) housings or non-IC rated housings. The difference is that IC housings are able to come into direct contact with the insulation whereas non-IC housings cannot come anywhere within three inches of the home's insulation.

Where Recessed Remodel Housings Work Best

Recessed lighting for remodeled homes adds a unique touch to the ambiance without standing out from the existing décor. Recessed lighting allows for effortless illumination no matter what the purpose, from task lighting to full room lighting and everything in between. Remodel recessed lighting makes sense for use throughout the home, adding convenience and understated style almost everywhere-- finished basements, kitchens, family rooms and more. These housings offer true durability for a lifetime of use and modern options of LED lamp modules make it easy to replace the bulb, even though most times the LEDs will shine for years on end.

Different Styles of Recessed Remodel Housings

A variety of remodel housings give homeowners the option to choose the style that is right for the desired room of the house. The inside layout of the ceiling where the lights will be installed matters quite a bit, as certain types of housings can be near or touching insulation while others cannot. Insulation contact (IC) rated housings can safely come into contact with a home's insulation while non-IC rated housings absolutely cannot touch nor be within three inches of the insulation. To suit different rooms of the home, recessed lighting housings are available to meet a variety of diameters in size for the lamp's opening. LED style lamps offer a huge benefit in durability and lifetime use, with fewer bulb replacement needed in the long run.

Choosing the Best Recessed Remodel Housings

Several factors come into play when it is time to select the right recessed remodel housings. Above all, consider safety first and ensure that the insulation contact requirements are met, whether you choose an insulation contact or non-insulation contact style. Choosing the right type is vital to preventing a fire hazard. Choosing the right diameter size for the circular opening where the lamp will go is another important consideration. If you have any questions about the recessed lighting housings for remodeled homes, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

The versatility of recessed lighting adds to its convenience. A few other popular lighting options may include track lighting and pendant lighting to give the home's lighting a more dramatic effect. Floor and table lamps add task lighting and offer limitless options in décor and mood of the home. Be sure to also consider layering the lighting systems to achieve just the right look and feel. And finally, put your recessed fixtures on a dimmer to create dramatic effects or to set the mood.

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