Modern Outdoor Fireplaces

When it gets cold out, nothing beats the soothing, cozy warmth provided by a crackling fireplace. Throw in a blanket and a hot drink, and the effect is complete. While indoor fireplaces tend to be used primarily during the autumn and winter, outdoor fireplaces can provide useful light and a dynamic, flickering atmosphere during cool evenings year round. Apart from the flame, modern outdoor fireplaces have sleek and unique designs that make them ideal centerpieces in any outdoor living space.

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Where Outdoor Fireplaces Work Best

Outdoor fireplaces are good to cozy up next to anywhere long as you do so safely. Usually this means placing the fireplace on a hard, level surface, with a proper amount of clearance between the open flame and any surrounding plants or structures. In an open patio area, they create the perfect space for cuddling and looking up at the stars. You'll also like pairing a contemporary outdoor fireplace design with the sleek, stylish stainless steel accessories from Blomus and be sure to checkout all of the available fireplace tools, perfect indoors or out.

Other Great Options

There are many ways you can warm up the outdoors. Brighten up and accentuate your home's exterior with modern outdoor lighting or make the trees, plants and water features the center of attention with well-placed landscape lighting. You will also want to see the selection of furniture and furnishings for modern outdoor living to make the most of your patio or deck for outdoor dining parties or casual lounging.

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