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2-Circuit Monorail Lighting

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Why We Love 2-Circuit Monorail Lighting Systems

Double up on your ceiling lighting with a 2-circuit monorail system. As flexible and design-driven as standard monorail lighting already is, 2-circuit monorail offers you even more. A 2-circuit monorail system provides two independently controllable low-voltage circuits. This means that you can turn on the decorative pendants on a run of rail while leaving the adjustable heads turned off, and vice versa. The 2-circuit system also accommodates a greater wattage load than single circuit monorail, which allows for the addition of more monorail elements.

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Where 2-Circuit Monorail Lighting Goes Best

A 2-circuit monorail is ideal in locations that require a lot of elements on a particularly long run of monorail, like in restaurants, retail outlets or even large residential kitchens. In all of these applications, the independent controls that come with 2-circuit monorail make it easy to control a mood with lighting. Two circuit systems can also work well in great rooms or for living room lighting where the room is rather large. Two circuit monorail light fixtures are primarily available at Lumens through Tech Lighting and LBL Lighting.

Other Great Options

All of the elements you enjoy on a lengthy 2-circuit rail system are just as lovely and functional when arranged in a cluster. When grouped together in a flush mount ceiling light, directional spotlights can provide infinite task lighting flexibility. And the various decorative possibilities of monorail pendant lights are similar to those provided by a group of multi-light pendants or mini pendant lights. And if you plan to dim your 2-circuit monorail light system, see the contemporary options available from Legrand Adorne.

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