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Why We Love Decorative Light Bulbs

Decorative and specialty bulbs go to show that light bulbs can be much more than strictly functional. They can enhance a fixture's design with distinctive colors, shapes and, in the case of classic Edison light bulbs, the shape and glow of the internal filaments. They can even add drama to a fixture with special lighting effects (color changing, flickering). While often incandescent, decorative and specialty bulbs are also available in a growing variety of energy-efficient options, including CFLs and LEDs.

Where Unique Light Bulbs Work Best

You can use decorative light bulbs with pretty much any lighting fixture, be it a chandelier, pendant lamp, wall light, floor lamp or table lamp. However, they're best in fixtures that can really show them off, namely those with open and/or clear glass shades. The translucency of the light fixture helps put the bulb on display, making a decorative light bulb a really good choice. Consider exposed bulb lighting to accomplish this aesthetic or look to the collection of hanging light bulbs.

Other Considerations

With open metal shades, clear glass and industrial forms, many forms of restoration lighting meet the criteria needed for showing decorative bulbs off to the greatest advantage. Such reproduction fixtures benefit especially from the use of classic Edison bulbs, which add another level of historic authenticity. And with any unique or decorative bulb you choose, place it on a light dimmer to easily control its output and set the mood of the room.