Quiet Ceiling Fans

Why We Love Quiet Ceiling Fans

There's nothing quite like the buzz of an old ceiling fan spinning overhead. Easily resolve the buzzing noise with a quiet ceiling fan and give your space a contemporary refresh. Quiet ceiling fans, including the modern options found in this assortment, peacefully keep the air in your rooms fresh without making a peep while enhancing the aesthetic of the home. You'll appreciate their soft-spoken nature and enjoy the style they bring to a room.

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What Makes A Ceiling Fan Noisy?

So, what exactly makes a ceiling fan noisy? The most common instance of a ceiling fan being noisy is because it is off balance. However, ceiling fans can also experience a hum or a buzzing sound because of 5 additional reasons: 1) the fan may incorrectly be placed on a dimmer switch; 2) a fan remote with a bad receiver can lead to humming noises; 3) placing a fan on a circuit with multiple fixtures can lead to low voltage levels that make the fan buzz; 4) any loose screws or wiring is bound to make the fan rattle obnoxiously; and 5) the way the fan is mounted to the ceiling joist can cause noises to emit from the fan motor. While you can withstand some humming and noise from a fan, choosing to install a new modern fan will go a long way in keeping things quiet.

Where Quiet Ceiling Fans Work Best

Keep the airflow moving in rooms where friends and family gather, and enjoy the added benefit silence from your ceiling fan. Living rooms are often the top choice for a quiet ceiling fan and any of these stylish options work well in complementing your existing fixtures and furniture choices. Kitchens may also enjoy a new ceiling fan to keep the air as fresh as possible at all times. And look to a fan with smaller blade spans for any of your bedrooms. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, quiet ceiling fans complement the relaxing nature of covered decks, patios and gazebos. Lastly, enjoy a cool, quiet breeze in work spaces like the home office or your office away from home.

A Quiet Ceiling Fan for Every Style

Although noiseless, these ceiling fans offer loud personality to your rooms. Hunter Fans, one of the premier designers of ceiling fans today, stands at the forefront of utilizing modern technology in its fans and offers a selection of quiet options. Clean-lined contemporary designs from Monte Carlo Fans also bring stylish appeal to any space of the home and you'll find options suited to traditionally decorated homes. Thanks in part to their DC motors, large fan designs with a 60" blade span or bigger from Ellington Fans are also surprisingly quiet. Finally, look to Emerson Fans for quiet designs that also feature an integrated light kit to spread illumination throughout the room.

Choosing the Best Quiet Ceiling Fan

Choosing the right fan for your home begins by knowing the exact size your room will allow. You need to precisely measure for the fan's diameter (often represented as blade span) and determine how you will mount the fan to the ceiling. Ceiling fans can be extended from the ceiling with a downrod, mounted a few inches away from the base of the ceiling or mounted perfectly flush with the ceiling. Choosing a fan with a downrod allows gravity to play a vital role in balancing the fan to keep it quiet, while semi-flush and flushmounted fans will require accurate installation to keep from making noise. The number of blades on a fan can also determine just how noisy or quiet it will be. In general, as the number of blades on a fan goes up, the quieter it is. Find blade and motor finishes that are easy to integrate into your room's existing color palette and if you choose a fan with a light kit, review its bulb requirement prior to installation. If you have any questions about the quiet ceiling fans featured here, please call our fan experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

With a ceiling fan picked out, continue to refresh the look of your home with additional lighting fixtures and decor. Wall sconces allow you to layer the amount of light in any given room, supplementing illumination from chandeliers, pendants or a lighted ceiling fan. A well-chosen mix of contemporary furniture establishes a welcoming presence in living rooms and bedrooms, while storage plays a key function in keep rooms organized. And also be sure to see the complete selection of outdoor ceiling fans for damp and wet-rated designs you can use on your deck or patio.

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