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Torsion Ceiling Fan

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Crank it up with the Modern Fan Company Torsion Ceiling Fan. Sporting a uniquely light-industrial design, this ceiling fan's blades split as they join its body, almost as if they're huge wrenches twisting on the head of an enormous bolt. Top it off with a large selection of finish and control options.
Fan Blade Finish:
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  • Black
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  • Mahogany
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  • White
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  • Maple
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  • Nickel
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  • Graywash
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  • Whitewash
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Fan Body Finish:
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  • Bright Nickel
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    Bright Nickel
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  • Gloss White
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    Gloss White
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  • Dark Bronze
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    Dark Bronze
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Fan Blade Span (inches):
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  • 52
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  • 62
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Control Option:
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  • Handheld Remote Control 003
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    Handheld Remote Control 003
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  • Three Wire Fan and Light Control 002
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    Three Wire Fan and Light Control 002
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  • Fan Speed and Light Control 004
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    Fan Speed and Light Control 004
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  • Fan Speed Control Only 001
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    Fan Speed Control Only 001
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  • Wall Control with Remote Handset 005
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    Wall Control with Remote Handset 005
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Light Option:
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Crank it up with the Modern Fan Company Torsion Ceiling Fan. Sporting a uniquely light-industrial design, this ceiling fan's blades split as they join its body, almost as if they're huge wrenches twisting on the head of an enormous bolt. Top it off with a large selection of finish and control options.

In 1997, The Modern Fan Company was founded by Ron Rezek to produce ceiling fans that provide superior air circulation, comfort and energy efficiency for contemporary-minded homeowners and design professionals. Having originated the contemporary ceiling fan genre, The Modern Fan Company remains the only company of its kind, committed exclusively to modern ceiling fan design.

The Torsion Ceiling Fan is available with the following:

  • Round ceiling canopy
  • Light kit has a 45,000 hour lifespan
  • Die-cast aluminum and stamped steel construction
  • Designed by Dave Ellis
  • Number of Blades: 3
  • Blade Pitch: 14 degrees
  • Motor Type: AC
  • Motor Size: 172 x 20
  • Fan Electricity Use (at high speed): 72 Watts (excludes lights)
  • Installation Type: Standard/With Downrod
  • Sloped ceiling adaptable (33)
  • ETL Listed Damp
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Made In Taiwan
  • Fan Blade Finish: Black, Mahogany, White, Maple, Nickel, Graywash, Whitewash
  • Fan Body Finish: Bright Nickel, Gloss White, Dark Bronze
  • Fan Blade Span (inches): 52, 62
  • Control Option: Handheld Remote Control 003, Three Wire Fan and Light Control 002, Fan Speed and Light Control 004, Fan Speed Control Only 001, Wall Control with Remote Handset 005
  • Light Option: No Light, LED, Hi Output LED

  • LED Option: 17 Watt (1530 Lumens) 120 Volt Integrated LED: CRI: 90 Color Temp: 3000K
  • Hi Output LED Option: 20 Watt (1800 Lumens) 120 Volt Integrated LED: CRI: 90 Color Temp: 3000K

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  • Blade: Diameter 52", 62"
  • Canopy: Diameter 5.5"
  • Fixture: Hanging Length 24.2", Adjustable From 13.2", Adjustable To 24.2"
  • Motor: Height 5.6", Diameter 6.9"
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TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-004 TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-002 TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-001 TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-003 TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-005 TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-002 TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-001 TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-005 TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-002 TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-001 TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-004 TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-002 TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-001 TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-003 TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-005 TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-001 TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-003 TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-005 TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-001 TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-002 TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-001 TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-005 TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-004 TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-002 TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-001 TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-003 TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-005 TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-001 TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-003 TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-002 TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-001 TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-005 TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-NK-NL-004 TOR-BN-62-NK-NL-002 TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-005 TOR-BN-62-NK-NL-001 TOR-BN-62-NK-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-NK-NL-005 TOR-DB-52-BK-NL-004 TOR-DB-52-BK-NL-002 TOR-DB-52-BK-NL-001 TOR-DB-52-BK-NL-003 TOR-DB-52-BK-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-MP-NL-004 TOR-DB-62-MP-NL-002 TOR-DB-62-MP-NL-001 TOR-DB-62-MP-NL-003 TOR-DB-62-MP-NL-005 TOR-BN-52-MP-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-MP-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-MP-NL-001 TOR-BN-52-MP-NL-003 TOR-GW-62-MG-NL-004 TOR-GW-62-MG-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-MP-NL-005 TOR-GW-62-MG-NL-001 TOR-GW-62-MG-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-WH-NL-004 TOR-GW-62-MG-NL-005 TOR-BN-62-WH-NL-002 TOR-BN-62-WH-NL-001 TOR-BN-62-WH-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-WH-NL-005 TOR-DB-52-MG-NL-004 TOR-DB-52-MG-NL-002 TOR-DB-52-MG-NL-001 TOR-DB-52-MG-NL-003 TOR-DB-52-MG-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-NK-NL-004 TOR-DB-62-NK-NL-002 TOR-DB-62-NK-NL-001 TOR-DB-62-NK-NL-003 TOR-DB-62-NK-NL-005 TOR-GW-52-BK-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-BK-NL-002 TOR-GW-52-BK-NL-001 TOR-BN-52-NK-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-BK-NL-003 TOR-BN-52-NK-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-NK-NL-001 TOR-GW-52-BK-NL-005 TOR-BN-52-NK-NL-003 TOR-GW-62-MP-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-NK-NL-005 TOR-GW-62-MP-NL-002 TOR-GW-62-MP-NL-001 TOR-GW-62-MP-NL-003 TOR-GW-62-MP-NL-005 TOR-DB-52-MP-NL-004 TOR-DB-52-MP-NL-002 TOR-DB-52-MP-NL-001 TOR-DB-52-MP-NL-003 TOR-DB-52-MP-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-WH-NL-004 TOR-DB-62-WH-NL-002 TOR-DB-62-WH-NL-001 TOR-DB-62-WH-NL-003 TOR-DB-62-WH-NL-005 TOR-GW-52-MG-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-WH-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-MG-NL-002 TOR-GW-52-MG-NL-001 TOR-BN-52-WH-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-WH-NL-001 TOR-GW-52-MG-NL-003 TOR-BN-52-WH-NL-003 TOR-GW-62-NK-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-MG-NL-005 TOR-GW-62-NK-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-WH-NL-005 TOR-GW-62-NK-NL-001 TOR-GW-62-NK-NL-003 TOR-GW-62-NK-NL-005 TOR-DB-52-NK-NL-004 TOR-DB-52-NK-NL-002 TOR-DB-52-NK-NL-001 TOR-DB-52-NK-NL-003 TOR-DB-52-NK-NL-005 TOR-GW-52-MP-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-MP-NL-002 TOR-BN-62-BK-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-MP-NL-001 TOR-BN-62-BK-NL-002 TOR-GW-52-MP-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-BK-NL-001 TOR-BN-62-BK-NL-003 TOR-GW-52-MP-NL-005 TOR-GW-62-WH-NL-004 TOR-BN-62-BK-NL-005 TOR-GW-62-WH-NL-002 TOR-GW-62-WH-NL-001 TOR-GW-62-WH-NL-003 TOR-GW-62-WH-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-WH-271-002 TOR-DB-62-WH-271-005 TOR-DB-62-WH-271-004 TOR-DB-62-WH-271-003 TOR-DB-52-WH-271-002 TOR-DB-52-WH-271-005 TOR-DB-52-WH-271-004 TOR-DB-52-WH-271-003 TOR-BN-62-WH-271-002 TOR-BN-62-WH-271-005 TOR-BN-62-WH-271-004 TOR-BN-62-WH-271-003 TOR-BN-52-WH-271-002 TOR-BN-52-WH-271-005 TOR-BN-52-WH-271-004 TOR-BN-52-WH-271-003 TOR-GW-62-WH-271-002 TOR-GW-62-WH-271-005 TOR-GW-62-WH-271-004 TOR-GW-62-WH-271-003 TOR-GW-52-WH-271-002 TOR-GW-52-WH-271-005 TOR-GW-52-WH-271-004 TOR-GW-52-WH-271-003 TOR-DB-62-NK-271-002 TOR-DB-62-NK-271-005 TOR-DB-62-NK-271-004 TOR-DB-62-NK-271-003 TOR-DB-52-NK-271-002 TOR-DB-52-NK-271-005 TOR-DB-52-NK-271-004 TOR-DB-52-NK-271-003 TOR-BN-62-NK-271-002 TOR-BN-62-NK-271-005 TOR-BN-62-NK-271-004 TOR-BN-62-NK-271-003 TOR-BN-52-NK-271-002 TOR-BN-52-NK-271-005 TOR-BN-52-NK-271-004 TOR-BN-52-NK-271-003 TOR-GW-62-NK-271-002 TOR-GW-62-NK-271-005 TOR-GW-62-NK-271-004 TOR-GW-62-NK-271-003 TOR-GW-52-NK-271-002 TOR-GW-52-NK-271-005 TOR-GW-52-NK-271-004 TOR-GW-52-NK-271-003 TOR-DB-62-BK-271-002 TOR-DB-62-BK-271-005 TOR-DB-62-BK-271-004 TOR-DB-62-BK-271-003 TOR-DB-52-BK-271-002 TOR-DB-52-BK-271-005 TOR-DB-52-BK-271-004 TOR-DB-52-BK-271-003 TOR-BN-62-BK-271-002 TOR-BN-62-BK-271-005 TOR-BN-62-BK-271-004 TOR-BN-62-BK-271-003 TOR-BN-52-BK-271-002 TOR-BN-52-BK-271-005 TOR-BN-52-BK-271-004 TOR-BN-52-BK-271-003 TOR-GW-62-BK-271-002 TOR-GW-62-BK-271-005 TOR-GW-62-BK-271-004 TOR-GW-62-BK-271-003 TOR-GW-52-BK-271-002 TOR-GW-52-BK-271-005 TOR-GW-52-BK-271-004 TOR-GW-52-BK-271-003 TOR-DB-62-MG-271-002 TOR-DB-62-MG-271-005 TOR-DB-62-MG-271-004 TOR-DB-62-MG-271-003 TOR-DB-52-MG-271-002 TOR-DB-52-MG-271-005 TOR-DB-52-MG-271-004 TOR-DB-52-MG-271-003 TOR-BN-62-MG-271-002 TOR-BN-62-MG-271-005 TOR-BN-62-MG-271-004 TOR-BN-62-MG-271-003 TOR-BN-52-MG-271-002 TOR-BN-52-MG-271-005 TOR-BN-52-MG-271-004 TOR-BN-52-MG-271-003 TOR-GW-62-MG-271-002 TOR-GW-62-MG-271-005 TOR-GW-62-MG-271-004 TOR-GW-62-MG-271-003 TOR-GW-52-MG-271-002 TOR-GW-52-MG-271-005 TOR-GW-52-MG-271-004 TOR-GW-52-MG-271-003 TOR-DB-62-MP-271-002 TOR-DB-62-MP-271-005 TOR-DB-62-MP-271-004 TOR-DB-62-MP-271-003 TOR-DB-52-MP-271-002 TOR-DB-52-MP-271-005 TOR-DB-52-MP-271-004 TOR-DB-52-MP-271-003 TOR-BN-62-MP-271-002 TOR-BN-62-MP-271-005 TOR-BN-62-MP-271-004 TOR-BN-62-MP-271-003 TOR-BN-52-MP-271-002 TOR-BN-52-MP-271-005 TOR-BN-52-MP-271-004 TOR-BN-52-MP-271-003 TOR-GW-62-MP-271-002 TOR-GW-62-MP-271-005 TOR-GW-62-MP-271-004 TOR-GW-62-MP-271-003 TOR-GW-52-MP-271-002 TOR-GW-52-MP-271-005 TOR-GW-52-MP-271-004 TOR-GW-52-MP-271-003 TOR-DB-62-GY-272-002 TOR-DB-62-GY-271-002 TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-002 TOR-DB-62-GY-272-005 TOR-DB-62-GY-271-005 TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-001 TOR-DB-62-GY-272-004 TOR-DB-62-GY-271-004 TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-004 TOR-DB-62-GY-272-003 TOR-DB-62-GY-271-003 TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-003 TOR-DB-52-GY-272-002 TOR-DB-52-GY-271-002 TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-002 TOR-DB-52-GY-272-005 TOR-DB-52-GY-271-005 TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-005 TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-001 TOR-DB-52-GY-272-004 TOR-DB-52-GY-271-004 TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-004 TOR-DB-52-GY-272-003 TOR-DB-52-GY-271-003 TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-GY-272-002 TOR-BN-62-GY-271-002 TOR-BN-62-GY-NL-002 TOR-BN-62-GY-272-005 TOR-BN-62-GY-271-005 TOR-BN-62-GY-NL-005 TOR-BN-62-GY-NL-001 TOR-BN-62-GY-272-004 TOR-BN-62-GY-271-004 TOR-BN-62-GY-NL-004 TOR-BN-62-GY-272-003 TOR-BN-62-GY-271-003 TOR-BN-62-GY-NL-003 TOR-BN-52-GY-272-002 TOR-BN-52-GY-271-002 TOR-BN-52-GY-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-GY-272-005 TOR-BN-52-GY-271-005 TOR-BN-52-GY-NL-005 TOR-BN-52-GY-NL-001 TOR-BN-52-GY-272-004 TOR-BN-52-GY-271-004 TOR-BN-52-GY-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-GY-272-003 TOR-BN-52-GY-271-003 TOR-BN-52-GY-NL-003 TOR-GW-62-GY-272-002 TOR-GW-62-GY-271-002 TOR-GW-62-GY-NL-002 TOR-GW-62-GY-272-005 TOR-GW-62-GY-271-005 TOR-GW-62-GY-NL-005 TOR-GW-62-GY-NL-001 TOR-GW-62-GY-272-004 TOR-GW-62-GY-271-004 TOR-GW-62-GY-NL-004 TOR-GW-62-GY-272-003 TOR-GW-62-GY-271-003 TOR-GW-62-GY-NL-003 TOR-GW-52-GY-272-002 TOR-GW-52-GY-271-002 TOR-GW-52-GY-NL-002 TOR-GW-52-GY-272-005 TOR-GW-52-GY-271-005 TOR-GW-52-GY-NL-005 TOR-GW-52-GY-NL-001 TOR-GW-52-GY-272-004 TOR-GW-52-GY-271-004 TOR-GW-52-GY-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-GY-272-003 TOR-GW-52-GY-271-003 TOR-GW-52-GY-NL-003 TOR-DB-62-WH-272-002 TOR-DB-62-WH-272-005 TOR-DB-62-WH-272-004 TOR-DB-62-WH-272-003 TOR-DB-52-WH-272-002 TOR-DB-52-WH-272-005 TOR-DB-52-WH-272-004 TOR-DB-52-WH-272-003 TOR-BN-62-WH-272-002 TOR-BN-62-WH-272-005 TOR-BN-62-WH-272-004 TOR-BN-62-WH-272-003 TOR-BN-52-WH-272-002 TOR-BN-52-WH-272-005 TOR-BN-52-WH-272-004 TOR-BN-52-WH-272-003 TOR-GW-62-WH-272-002 TOR-GW-62-WH-272-005 TOR-GW-62-WH-272-004 TOR-GW-62-WH-272-003 TOR-GW-52-WH-272-002 TOR-GW-52-WH-272-005 TOR-GW-52-WH-272-004 TOR-GW-52-WH-272-003 TOR-DB-62-NK-272-002 TOR-DB-62-NK-272-005 TOR-DB-62-NK-272-004 TOR-DB-62-NK-272-003 TOR-DB-52-NK-272-002 TOR-DB-52-NK-272-005 TOR-DB-52-NK-272-004 TOR-DB-52-NK-272-003 TOR-BN-62-NK-272-002 TOR-BN-62-NK-272-005 TOR-BN-62-NK-272-004 TOR-BN-62-NK-272-003 TOR-BN-52-NK-272-002 TOR-BN-52-NK-272-005 TOR-BN-52-NK-272-004 TOR-BN-52-NK-272-003 TOR-GW-62-NK-272-002 TOR-GW-62-NK-272-005 TOR-GW-62-NK-272-004 TOR-GW-62-NK-272-003 TOR-GW-52-NK-272-002 TOR-GW-52-NK-272-005 TOR-GW-52-NK-272-004 TOR-GW-52-NK-272-003 TOR-DB-62-BK-272-002 TOR-DB-62-BK-272-005 TOR-DB-62-BK-272-004 TOR-DB-62-BK-272-003 TOR-DB-52-BK-272-002 TOR-DB-52-BK-272-005 TOR-DB-52-BK-272-004 TOR-DB-52-BK-272-003 TOR-BN-62-BK-272-002 TOR-BN-62-BK-272-005 TOR-BN-62-BK-272-004 TOR-BN-62-BK-272-003 TOR-BN-52-BK-272-002 TOR-BN-52-BK-272-005 TOR-BN-52-BK-272-004 TOR-BN-52-BK-272-003 TOR-GW-62-BK-272-002 TOR-GW-62-BK-272-005 TOR-GW-62-BK-272-004 TOR-GW-62-BK-272-003 TOR-GW-52-BK-272-002 TOR-GW-52-BK-272-005 TOR-GW-52-BK-272-004 TOR-GW-52-BK-272-003 TOR-DB-62-MG-272-002 TOR-DB-62-MG-272-005 TOR-DB-62-MG-272-004 TOR-DB-62-MG-272-003 TOR-DB-52-MG-272-002 TOR-DB-52-MG-272-005 TOR-DB-52-MG-272-004 TOR-DB-52-MG-272-003 TOR-BN-62-MG-272-002 TOR-BN-62-MG-272-005 TOR-BN-62-MG-272-004 TOR-BN-62-MG-272-003 TOR-BN-52-MG-272-002 TOR-BN-52-MG-272-005 TOR-BN-52-MG-272-004 TOR-BN-52-MG-272-003 TOR-GW-62-MG-272-002 TOR-GW-62-MG-272-002 TOR-GW-62-MG-272-004 TOR-GW-62-MG-272-003 TOR-GW-52-MG-272-002 TOR-GW-52-MG-272-005 TOR-GW-52-MG-272-004 TOR-GW-52-MG-272-003 TOR-DB-62-WW-272-002 TOR-DB-62-WW-271-002 TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-002 TOR-DB-62-WW-272-005 TOR-DB-62-WW-271-005 TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-001 TOR-DB-62-WW-272-004 TOR-DB-62-WW-271-004 TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-004 TOR-DB-62-WW-272-003 TOR-DB-62-WW-271-003 TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-003 TOR-DB-52-WW-272-002 TOR-DB-52-WW-271-002 TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-002 TOR-DB-52-WW-272-005 TOR-DB-52-WW-271-005 TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-005 TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-001 TOR-DB-52-WW-272-004 TOR-DB-52-WW-271-004 TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-004 TOR-DB-52-WW-272-003 TOR-DB-52-WW-271-003 TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-WW-272-002 TOR-BN-62-WW-271-002 TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-002 TOR-BN-62-WW-272-005 TOR-BN-62-WW-271-005 TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-005 TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-001 TOR-BN-62-WW-272-004 TOR-BN-62-WW-271-004 TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-004 TOR-BN-62-WW-272-003 TOR-BN-62-WW-271-003 TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-003 TOR-BN-52-WW-272-002 TOR-BN-52-WW-271-002 TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-WW-272-005 TOR-BN-52-WW-271-005 TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-005 TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-001 TOR-BN-52-WW-272-004 TOR-BN-52-WW-271-004 TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-WW-272-003 TOR-BN-52-WW-271-003 TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-003 TOR-GW-62-WW-272-002 TOR-GW-62-WW-271-002 TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-002 TOR-GW-62-WW-272-005 TOR-GW-62-WW-271-005 TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-005 TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-001 TOR-GW-62-WW-272-004 TOR-GW-62-WW-271-004 TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-004 TOR-GW-62-WW-272-003 TOR-GW-62-WW-271-003 TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-003 TOR-GW-52-WW-272-002 TOR-GW-52-WW-271-002 TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-002 TOR-GW-52-WW-272-005 TOR-GW-52-WW-271-005 TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-005 TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-001 TOR-GW-52-WW-272-004 TOR-GW-52-WW-271-004 TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-WW-272-003 TOR-GW-52-WW-271-003 TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-003 TOR-DB-62-MP-272-002 TOR-DB-62-MP-272-005 TOR-DB-62-MP-272-004 TOR-DB-62-MP-272-003 TOR-DB-52-MP-272-002 TOR-DB-52-MP-272-005 TOR-DB-52-MP-272-004 TOR-DB-52-MP-272-003 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California Residents: Prop 65 regulations

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Proposition 65 de la Californie

AVERTISSMENT: ce produit peut vous exposer au plomb, ce qui est reconnu par l'État de Californie comme cause de cancer, d'anomalies congénitales ou d'autres domages à la reproduction. Pour plus d'informations, visitez

Prop. 65 de California

ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede explonerlo al plomo, lo cual es conocido en el Estado de California como causante de càncer, defectos de namimiento y ostros daños al sistem reproductivo. Para obeneter mayor información, visite

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Check out what other customers think...
Torsion Ceiling Fan is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 57.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Good first experience Having found the same fan on several other sites, I chose to purchase from Lumens because they offered the most choices of finish, lighting, fan blade size, etc. at the same price. Even my electrician's experience with other clients using Lumens was most favorable in purchasing from them. Very nice first purchasing experience and I will return to Lumens in the future.
Date published: 2019-11-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Sleek design I bought one fan with the nickel finish and one in white for our kid’s bedrooms. The fans have a sleek, modern design and they work great. The lights are bright enough for average sized rooms and the color of the light is nice - not harsh. We are very happy with these fans. They are pricy but much more attractive than the fans that are sold in local stores.
Date published: 2019-06-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing customer service! I loved the fan but realized it won’t actually fill my room. The Lumens team was so supportive, efficient and helpful with the return. 1000% I’m buying this fan’s replacement from Lumens. So grateful for quality products and customer service!
Date published: 2019-03-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from BEAUTIFUL FAN I purchased the Torsion Ceiling Fan for my outdoor patio. Ship quickly, installation was a breeze, high quality materials. Love the nickel finish nut
Date published: 2019-03-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Good looking and quiet. Purchased all white option. Subtle and sexy on the ceiling. Works beautifully.
Date published: 2019-02-22
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Well made fan! This is a very well made, attractive fan. Only complaint is the LED light I inched included hums when the light is on. I need to call in to the company to see how to resolve.
Date published: 2018-04-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Sleek Modern and Organic I'm an interior designer and I've specified this fan for so many clients...they see photos of the fan in my portfolio and say, "I want THAT!" And I'm always pleased to provide it for them. While it comes in 5 finish options and three body options (which allows me to tailor it to many different kinds of spaces) I've speced the Mahogany blades with Dark Bronze body the most--it seems to capture the perfect balance of modern and transitional, sleek but also organic. An excellent product all around!
Date published: 2018-03-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic Fan I've purchased and installed many ceiling fans, the Torsion has proven one of the easiest to install and this fan was balance free and operates quieter at all speeds than any I've owned. The motor housing is solid and heavy (not in a bad way) proving it's robustness. (I was able to easily lift it into the ceiling bracket with one hand). The flexibility to custom select motor and blade colors led us to pursue this fan. I feel that I had a hand in building it, rather than just "getting what they make". The protruding blade-mounts from the motor housing really add to the overall style of this fan allowing it to fit in both modern and classic designs. If you are looking for a fan that you do not need to hassle with, this is a great find. Oh one last item, it comes with a 6" and 17" downrod. I found that while Lumens does not offer it by default, there are other sizes available via the mfg (modern fan)
Date published: 2017-08-19
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