Modern Rugs

Discover our exquisite collection of rugs, designed to add warmth, texture, and style to any room. Explore a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes to find the perfect rug for your home decor. 

Modern Rugs for All Rooms and Styles

Suddenly the living room pops to life with personality thanks to a contemporary area rug or decorative floor covering. Modern rugs and floor coverings are those rare design gems that offer instant color and texture gratification anywhere they are placed. They unite pieces of furniture, anchoring them together like Cheerios that mysteriously gravitate in a bowl of milk. From thick pile rugs to polyvinyl utility mats, large area rugs and more, these designer rugs go a long way in giving a room atmosphere and substance.

Where Rugs Work Best

Rugs are really an ideal fit for any room of the house. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles, every space happily welcomes a designer rug. Living rooms benefit from contemporary area rugs, which cover a lot of ground and have no problem handling the amount of foot traffic that occurs in the living room. Consider utility mats or floor mats for the kitchen and a large area rug positioned underneath the dining table. Formal dinner guests will be sure to enjoy the added accent in the room. For homes filled with hardwood floors, you'll instantly appreciate the comfort of a plush rug beneath your feet in the living room or bedroom. Long runner rugs are perfect for hallways and you can easily enhance the comfort of the throne room by pairing your towels with a bath mat. Lastly, add a bit of charm to your exterior living areas with deck, patio and other outdoor rugs. These options enhance the decor of the space while having no trouble withstanding the elements.

A Modern Rug Design For Every Style

Whether your home follows a traditional decorative aesthetic or is ultra-modern and awe-inspiring, any of these rugs can be the perfect fit. You'll find comfort in the soft, plush floor coverings that will have you enjoying laying on the floor or have your rug serve an optimal functional purpose with any of the indoor / outdoor utility mats available. Look to the luxurious rugs from Linie Design for a modern area rug that is sure to enhance the comfort of the living room. Well-made plynl mats from Chilewich are surprisingly easy to clean and suitable for kitchens, dining rooms and outdoor locations. We especially enjoy pairing a Chilewich floor mat with equally stylish Chilewich place settings at the dining table. Finally, for a design rich with history, style and craftsmanship, check out the rugs from Nanimarquina.

How to Choose the Best Rugs

The contemporary rugs in this assortment are offered in a diverse range of sizes and shapes to accommodate any home decor needs. From large circular rugs meant for the living room to square and rectangular rugs fit for the dining room or long runner rugs that find their home in the hallway, here you will find the perfect size you need for your space. When shopping for a new rug, mat or any type of floor covering, be sure to refine your results by size. Carefully measure the space where you plan to place a rug, being mindful of specific width dimensions. While most area rugs are large and cover a wide amount of room, runner rugs and mats are entirely different. Consider the material of the rug as well. Do you prefer a thick, plush floor covering or one that only supports a function of utility? The type of material of the rug chosen may also lend itself to its color. Most designs add a unique accent to your home, while there are some exuberant options that will really add a pop of radiance. And finally, think about how the rug will blend in with the rest of your home decor. How can a floor covering complement lighting, furniture and other unique implements you feature throughout your house? If you have any questions about the rugs and floor coverings featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Many of the floor coverings in this selection can also be used as an accessory to make your outdoor living area that much more modern. When paired with outdoor accessories and light fixtures made for the great outdoors, you'll have a well-rounded and well-designed deck or patio area. Further enhance your dinner parties with fresh, new dining room furniture and use tabletop accessories to round out the room's personality. And if it's lighting you need to complement your choices of home furnishings, you'll find no shortage of chandeliers, pendants, low profile ceiling lights, wall lights, portable lamps and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rugs

What size rug is best for a queen bed?

A rug that is 8x10 feet is suitable for the size of a queen bed.

What size rug is best for a king bed?

A rug that is 8x10 feet is appropriate for the size of a king bed.

What size area rug should I have for the living room?

The rug size for the living room will depend on the needs of the room. A 5x8 foot rug will cover the coffee table and the area around the coffee table only, whereas an 8x10 foot rug will cover the table and seating area, and a 9x12 area rug will cover most of the living room, creating a consistent look.

How do I choose the right size rug for my space?

Measuring the dimensions of the room and the specific space the rug will be covering will help determine the size required. Consider the size of the bed, seating area or dining room table to determine an appropriately sized rug.

What are the different rug styles and designs available?

Rugs come in a wide range of styles and designs. These can include different shapes such as rectangular, oval and hexagonal, as well as styles such as Bohemian, Avant-garde, and Mid Century Modern.

How do I determine the best rug shape for my room?

The shape and size of the room will dictate the best shape for the room. A circular rug is best for smaller spaces, while square and rectangular rugs are best for rooms with the same shape. Rectangular shapes can also be used in larger rooms to make a statement or down hallways as a runner.

How do I clean and maintain my rug to keep it in good condition?

Different rug materials will have specific cleaning requirements, but general tips can include vacuuming frequently and cleaning up spills and stains immediately.

Can I use multiple rugs in the same room? How do I coordinate them?

Multiple rugs can be used in the same room. The best way to coordinate them is to ensure they have the same pattern or coloring and that they don't overlap.

Are there any specific guidelines for rug placement in different areas of the home, such as the living room, dining room, or bedroom?

The living room rug will depend on size, but ideally, it is desired to have the rug underneath the seating area and coffee table. For a dining room table, the rug should extend beyond the table by about 3 feet. The bedroom will need to encompass the entire area of the bed and extend about 18-24 inches further on both sides.

How do I choose a rug that complements my existing furniture and decor?

Rugs are available in a wide range of styles. To match the existing furniture and décor, pick a rug that is of the same style or contains the same coloring or patterning.