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Black Recessed Lighting Trims

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324 Results
  • isskuS7 3 Inch LED Adjustable/Downlight Trim
    5 Size Options
    $9000 - $17200
  • isskuS7 4 Inch LED Wall Wash Trim
    $11600 - $14200
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Round Beveled Flangeless LED Trim
    $5600 - $7200
  • isskuS7 Single Spot LED Recessed Downlight - OPEN BOX RETURN
    Extra Savings with Code Today
  • isskuS7 3" Wall Wash Trims
    $12000 - $14600
  • isskuS7 3 Inch Flangeless LED Trim
    $11600 - $13200
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Round Beveled LED Trim
    $5600 - $7200
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Round Flangeless Wall Wash LED Trim
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Square Flanged Flat LED Trim
    $5600 - $7200
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Square Flanged Beveled LED Trim
    $5600 - $7200
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Round Flat Fangeless LED Trim
    $5600 - $7200
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Square Flangeless Beveled LED Trim
    $5600 - $7200
  • isskuS7 3 Inch Wall Wash Trim
    $12000 - $14600
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Square Flangeless Wall Wash LED Trim
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Round Flanged Wall Wash LED Trim
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Square Flangeless Flat LED Trim
    $5600 - $7200
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Round Flat Flanged LED Trim
    $5600 - $7200
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Square Flanged Wall Wash LED Trim
  • isskuS7 Ocularc 3-Inch LED Round Adjustable Trim
    $9295 - $11095
  • isskuS7 Regressed Deep LED 4 Inch Round Recessed Trim
    Trim Finish
    $10000 - $12800
  • isskuS7 Regressed Plenum 4 Inch Square LED Trim
  • isskuS7 Square Smooth LED Baffle Trim
    3 Size Options
    $8014 - $14392
  • isskuS7 6 Inch Round Gimball LED Regressed Trim
  • isskuS7 Regressed Plenum 6 inch LED Square Trim

Why We Love Black Recessed Lighting

Black recessed lighting is beloved for its low profile and directional lighting capabilities. Use them to open up a cramped room, to free up wall space, or even to evenly light a large room. These lights put function above all else, and though their housings are available in several different styles and shapes, black recessed lights are most well known for their high light output and space-saving silhouettes. Primarily a contemporary fixture, these bright lights can be used in any style home because of their simple composition.

Where Black Recessed Lights Work Best

Sophisticated and functional, these lights work indoors and outdoors, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, foyers, basically any room regardless of size or purpose. Install them in your kitchen for task lighting that pairs well with decorative chandeliers and pendants. In a great room or living room, black recessed lighting will help create a bright, evenly lit space perfect for gathering with family and friends. If you have sloped or vaulted ceilings, black recessed lighting is a great solution to a sometimes frustrating lighting problem. Use these lights in any room where space is limited, especially if you have low ceilings. They can act both as task and ambient lighting depending on which fixtures you choose, so in all honesty, they work in every space.

Favorite Black Recessed Lighting Shapes & Sizes

Black can lights are available in several different shapes and sizes to complement every home. The only part of the light that’s exposed is the trim, so that’s what you’ll want to focus on from a style aspect. Black recessed light trim provides a simple base that pairs well with almost any other style of lighting. Square shapes evoke a more modern feel, while with classic circular designs provides a more conventional touch. Some options include more than one light source within each fixture. These lights work well in small spaces where you might not have enough room to distribute the lights appropriately.

How to Choose the Perfect Black Can Lights

These lights require a little more planning than other fixtures because they’re installed into your ceilings, but they offer the most customization for your lighting layout. Black LED recessed lighting will have to save on electrical costs and the longer shine time means you don’t have to worry about changing the bulbs. Larger sizes work better for general, ambient lighting while smaller ones are better suited for task lighting. Black recessed lighting will fit in well with any style home so focus primarily on function with these lights.

Other Lighting Considerations

Black recessed lights aren’t extremely decorative or ostentatious, but for a more minimalist vibe in your home, provide the same functionality without making a color statement. Conversely, for a more decorative touch to your recessed fixtures, stands out with the unusual finish and dazzling shine. Recessed lighting is all about customization to suit your home and needs, so also consider installing dimmer switches. They’ll give you complete control over brightness and intensity so you can adjust the atmosphere as needed.