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Copper Recessed Lighting Trims

4 Results
Color: Copper
  • isskuS7 6 Inch Super Thin Round LED Trim
    $7000 - $8400
  • isskuS7 Super Thin 4 inch Round Recessed Downlight
    $5800 - $7200
  • isskuS7 Recessed 2-Inch 5-CCT 15W LED Trim with Integral Driver
  • isskuS7 2.5 Inch Low Voltage HR-836 Metal Trim
    $1867 - $4003 $20.74 - $44.48
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Why We Love Copper Recessed Lighting

Copper recessed lighting is beloved for both its low profile and directional lighting capabilities and the subtle yet stylish statement it makes. Use them to brighten up a small or crowded room, to open up wall space, or to evenly illuminate a large space. These beautiful lights put function above all else and though their housings are available in several different styles and shapes, copper can light are most well known for their high light output and space-saving silhouettes. Principally a contemporary lighting fixture, copper recessed lighting can be used in any style home because of its classic design.

Where Copper Recessed Lighting Works Best

The slim profile and minimal presence of copper recessed lighting ensure that it works well with most styles and decorations. Fixtures with directional heads allow you to position the bright light they provide however you choose, making them perfect for highlighting artwork or unique architectural aspects of your home. They fit beautifully in any home, however, when you opt for a recessed light with copper trim, the warm shine will be most welcome with rustic and industrial decor. Feel free to browse our selection of for even more options.

Favorite Styles of Copper LED Downlighting

bring an understated warm, rustic feeling to an otherwise plain light fixture. This rings true with everything from copper LED downlights to copper can lights, basically any type of recessed copper lighting. Partially in thanks to their essentially non-existent silhouette, they’re able to bring a touch of luxury to a minimalist home without compromising the “essentials only” values of minimalist design, while also acting as purposeful lighting in more ornately decorated homes. We love fixtures that include dimension in their copper trim to help them stand out, but the true purpose of these lights is to shine without being seen.

How to Choose the Best Copper Recessed Lighting Trim

This style of lights requires a little more planning than other fixtures because they’re installed directly into your ceilings, but they also offer the most customization for your lighting layout. Copper LED recessed lighting will allow you to save on electrical costs and the longer shine time means you won’t have to worry about changing the bulbs all the time. works better for general, ambient lighting because of the wide glow it casts. On the other hand, is a wonderful solution to cramped or crowded spaces, providing a bright shine that can act as both ambient and task lighting. Copper recessed lighting will fit in well with any style home so focus primarily on function with these lights.

Other Considerations

Although these fixtures are extremely functional and adaptable, if you want a light that packs a big ornamental punch or that sets the tone for the rest of your home decor, these lights are most likely not the best choice. Pendant lighting, wall sconces, and chandeliers are a great way to add both style and functional lighting to the modern home.