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Why We Love Oil & Vinegar Sets

Every tabletop benefits from an eye-catching set of condiment holders, salt and pepper shakers, and an oil and vinegar set. Modern oil and vinegar dispensers are used to enhance a meal, but they can also take your dining table decoration to the next level. Or when cooking any culinary delight in the kitchen, reach for one of these dispensers for dash of olive oil here or apple cider vinegar there. When combined with other tabletop accents, setting the table will be a breeze.

Where Cruet Sets Work Best

Along with other spices and cooking necessities, find oil and vinegar dispensers in the kitchen, giving you a helping hand with food preparation. Many dishes call for olive oil or vegetable oil, and vinegar has multiple cooking applications as well. Having a dispenser handy is just what you need to prepare excellent dishes. And consider adding a cruet set to the dining table to complement any other condiment holders or centerpieces. Even as a simple decoration, an oil and vinegar set can be a stunning display of your style.

An Oil & Vinegar Set for Every Style

From traditionally decorated kitchens to dining rooms filled with modern furniture and lighting, an oil and vinegar dispenser has no problem fitting in and serving a functional purpose. For rooms with stainless steel features, complement the look with oil and vinegar cruets from Blomus. You'll enjoy a good looking oil and vinegar pouring set and you'll find plenty of other items in the Blomus collection to outfit other rooms of the house ranging from the bathroom to the patio table. And introduce fine Italian design to your kitchen with the selection of condiment holders, oil pourers and vinegar containers from Alessi.

Choosing the Best Oil & Vinegar Dispensers

The trick to finding tabletop accents and kitchen accessories is to determine what might be missing from your current dining or cooking experience. If you've found yourself reaching for an olive oil pourer while cooking, you have found the right selection of products. Choose items that will perfectly suit the needs of your guests and yourself, while also supporting the style of your existing dining table accessories. Look for colors and finishes that will seamlessly blend in. And find oil and vinegar sets that are part of larger product families, giving you the opportunity to decorate with one cohesive aesthetic. If you have any questions about the unique oil and vinegar sets featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Similar to needing a splash of oil and vinegar in your cooking and food prep, you may also want a pair of unique salt and pepper shakers. Salt grinders and pepper mills bring contemporary charm to the dining table and give your guests the ability to add a dash of spice to their meal. Outfit the dining table with table placemats and runners, and use place settings to ensure your guests have every utensil they need. And when it's time to serve the main entree, do so with a selection of well-chosen modern serveware.