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Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chairs

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Why We Love Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chairs

Mid-century modern lounge chairs blend function and style, adding comfortable seating to any room in your home. In addition to their functionality, these mid-century lounge chairs can bring color and intrigue into your space. Each chair is unique, with eye-catching features that range from colorful upholstery or wood finishes to sleek metallic legs or tufted cushions. These key design features make mid-century lounge chairs more than just a cozy spot to relax. They're also a simple way to interject style into your room. Plus, with several styles to choose from, there's modern lounge seating for every design style.

Where Retro Lounge Chairs Work Best

Mid-century modern lounge chairs have many places in your home. Place a pair of these chairs in your family room, flanking the fireplace, to add stylish seating to this well-used room. Create a cozy reading nook in your living room or bedroom with these versatile chairs tooo. Add modern lounge seating to your home office to add extra seating to the space. Because of the versatility of these mid-century lounge chairs, you'll have no trouble finding a convenient spot to place them in your home. And consider adding some flair to your outdoor living area with any of the retro lounge chairs meant for the deck and patio.

Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair Ideas for Every Style

When you're shopping for mid-century lounge chairs, check out these brands, which offer an array of styles and design features that might suit your taste. Gus Modern lounge chairs feature clean, sleek lines that pay tribute to contemporary style. Tailored upholstery, tufted accents and sturdy wood or steel frames define these chairs. Carl Hansen's collection of lounge chairs feature unique silhouettes with curved backrests and sloped seats. Sturdy frames and durable upholstery accent these chairs as well. Finally, retro lounge chairs from Blu Dot maximize comfort thanks to their upholstered cushions. Sturdy wood and metal frames ensure that these modern lounge chairs aren't just stylish; they're also durable.

How to Choose the Best Mid-century Modern Lounge Chair

Don't be overwhelmed by the many mid-century modern lounge chair styles. Instead, use these tips to find the perfect lounge chair for your space. First, examine the space for the lounge chair in your home. Envision what silhouette would look best in it. Perhaps you need a rectangular chair with oversized cushions to fill a large space or a sleek chair with clean lines and a modest size for smaller spaces. Next, think about what finish you prefer. You can find modern lounge chairs with metallic-finished legs or sturdy wooden ones. Finally, look at the different upholstery options -- both the type and the color -- to find one that suits your style and complements your existing home decor. With these considerations, you're sure to find a mid-century modern lounge chair for you. If you have any questions about the mid-century modern lounge seating featured here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you're a fan of these mid-century modern lounge chairs, consider other types of retro furniture for your home as well. You can find sofas, benches, coffee tables and even beds that pay tribute to this 1950s-inspired style. In addition, you can find many contemporary living room furniture pieces too, whether you need sofas, tables or chairs to create a comfortable area. And consider a modern sofa to add into your seating mix. With a well-rounded amount of seating in your living spaces, guests of your home are guaranteed to be comfortable.