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LED Desk Lamps

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119 Results
  • Z-Bar Gen 3 Desk Lamp
    $35820 - $52650
  • Pixo Plus Task Lamp
  • Tip LED Table Lamp
    $43500 - $46900
  • Leaf LED Table Lamp
  • Equo Gen 3 Desk Lamp
  • Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp
    $36144 - $52974
  • NJP Mini LED Task Lamp


    $62600 - $65800
  • Z-Bar Mini Color LED Desk Lamp
    $29430 - $37620
  • Z-Bar Solo Gen 3 LED Desk Lamp
    $31320 - $48150
  • 90 Mini Mini LED Desk Lamp
  • Z-Bar Slim Gen 3 Desk Lamp
    $32130 - $48960
  • Talia LED Table Lamp
    $19800 - $21000
  • Splitty LED Desk Lamp
    $25920 - $34740
  • Lady 7 LED Desk Lamp
  • Colby LED Desk Lamp
  • Tolomeo Micro LED Table Lamp
    $41000 - $48500
  • Tizio Classic LED Task Lamp
  • Kelvin LED Green Mode Task Lamp
    $55000 - $64000
  • Castle Muse Table Lamp



    $12000 $150.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Z-Bar Mini Gen 3 Desk Lamp
    $29430 - $38250
  • Splitty Reach LED Desk Lamp
    $34380 - $43200
  • Enna LED Desk Lamp
    $31700 - $33300
  • Space Table Lamp
  • LIM360 Optical Task Lamp

Why We Love LED Desk Lamps

An LED desk lamp combines energy-saving efficiency with productivity maximizing light temperatures to create the ultimate workspace lighting fixture. Their long lifespan and minimal maintenance makes them the perfect functional piece, and several different styles, shapes, finishes, and colors ensure that you can find the perfect complement to your desk. And although desk lamps are a perfect combination of style and function for a workspace, you can use them in other areas of your home as well.

Where LED Desk Lamps Work Best

Leaving nothing to be desired in either style or purpose, an LED desk lamp shines brightest when placed on dimly lit desk corners, but their applications don’t end there. Use them as an innovative solution to or as a modern addition to side and console tables. A dimmable LED desk lamp is able to act as both ambient and task lighting, making it perfect for this utilization. If you’re looking for small space lighting options for precision tasks, this form of will be the perfect, portable resolution. A small LED desk lamp will provide bright lighting perfect for any task that requires exact work.

Favorite Types of LED Desk Lights

You might be surprised by the variety of these small LED desk lights. To amp up a profoundly modern home, look for a super simple yet incredibly chic composed of just one long, adjustable arm. These fixtures are extremely portable and make somewhat of a sculptural statement with their unique composition. A dimmable desk lamp is perfect for a living/workspace combo because it can also act as a fun source of ambient lighting when dimmed. For something that makes a painted statement, look to lamps with beautiful, bright shades to add a glowing splash of color to your spaces.

How to Choose the Perfect LED Desk Lamp

Choosing the perfect LED desk lamp can be hard because at first glance, aside from different styles, they might seem to function all the same. However, this is not the case. In a minimalist space where you’re looking for exclusively task lighting, a modern fixture with one sleek arm will look and function best. In contrast, if you’ll be using your LED desk lamp in a work/living space, a dimmable fixture will serve your needs best. If you want your desk lamp to stand out, find a lamp with an interesting structural composition like, a small hanging pendant or a shade that creates an optical illusion. Whether you want a standout fixture or a quietly beautiful lamp, there’s an LED desk lamp that fits your style.

Other Considerations

There are several portable LED desk lamp options to choose from, but for ultimate portability browse our selection of . With no wires to tie them down, they can go anywhere inside, or even outside, of your home. LED desk lamps are long-lasting and energy-efficient but they do emit some blue light, so if you’re sensitive to that consider opting for a desk lamp with a more traditional bulb. You’ll find plenty of different styles and designs so don’t worry about sacrificing any aesthetic options.

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