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Round Modern Coffee Tables

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88 Results
  • Bowl Table - XL
    4 Product Options
    $52500 - $91500
  • Lou Coffee Table
  • Kelsie Cocktail Table
  • Panier Basket Storage
  • Clint Cocktail Table
  • Odeon Coffee Table
  • Mahogany Roller Max Round Coffee Table
    $84900 - $1,17900
  • Bowl Table - XL
  • Beckham Cocktail Table
  • Lark Round Wood Coffee Table


  • Wireframe Coffee Table
  • Frisco Coffee Table
  • Array Round Coffee Table
  • Nixon Coffee Table
  • Daryl Cocktail Table
  • Heath Cocktail Table
  • Godwin Cocktail Table
  • Anvil Occasional Table
  • Roundhouse Coffee Table
    $52000 $650.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Platner Coffee Table
    2 Size Options
    $2,23600 - $3,26300
  • Around Coffee Table
    3 Size Options
    $54900 - $1,14900
  • IO Coffee Table
  • Laurel Coffee Table


  • Basket Coffee Table
    Base Color


    $90000 - $2,89000

Why We Love Modern Round Coffee Tables

As styles and seasons change, so do the rooms of your house. While it may feel like a natural choice to upgrade your couch as your preferences shift, there’s an anchor piece lurking amongst your furniture that can make a big impact with a small update. The sofa may be the largest piece of furniture in your living room, but it’s not the piece that ties everything together. For that, we turn to round coffee tables. Because of this, they’re the perfect way to transform the entire room without making a huge change. When you update your home with a modern round coffee table, you’ll be surprised at just how big of a difference it makes, especially if you’re coming from one of their rectangular counterparts. These graceful tables can be bold and beautiful or soft and subtle, making them the perfect addition to many homes.

Favorite Round Coffee Table Colors & Materials

When we think of modern materials, we likely think of smooth acrylics, polished cool-toned metals, and rich deep blacks. But, that doesn’t always have to be the way. In fact, in this collection of modern round coffee tables, you may just find an entirely new meaning to the word modern. Chic and surprisingly simple in wood allow you to bring natural elements into the room without losing the polish of contemporary decor. , on the other hand, add an air of delicacy to the space, and when accompanied by clean lines of modern round coffee tables, make an ideal addition to a contemporary space. Alternatively, for something that feels modern but with a touch of razzle-dazzle look for a less common finish, like bright yellow or lime green.

Decor that Works Well With Modern Round Coffee Tables

A round coffee table may be just the beginning of an entire redecorating session, and if that’s the case, let us direct you towards some complementary pieces. possess the same graceful curves as their coffee table cousins, but their smaller package allows them to act as supplementary pieces, either in the same room or throughout the home. A is also a great choice to pair with these coffee tables in an effort to create continuity. But because this shape is so unexpected, you can really mix and match with these pieces so don’t feel as though you have to stay tied to one theme.

How to Choose the Best Round Coffee Table

One of the great things about modern round coffee tables is that they allow you a little more flexibility in placement. Because they don’t have any right angles themselves, there’s no need to make sure that edges and lines align perfectly. One of the most important things to consider with modern round coffee tables is how they relate spatially to the other furniture. If you have a huge couch that dominates the room, you don’t want to drop a tiny, delicate table next to it. Instead, opt for a large round coffee table that can stand up to the couch without getting lost. Alternatively, if you have a small space, you don’t want some big bulky disturbance in the middle. In this case, opt for a slightly smaller table, perhaps with glass, for an airier look.

Other Modern Round Coffee Tables Considerations

We’ve covered how to handle a large space with chic but bold decor and how to handle a small space while still making a decorative statement, but what about the in-between spaces? For these, we suggest perusing our collection of . Their varying heights and separate pieces add an interesting visual texture to the room and you can adjust them to fit the size of your space.

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