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Blue Bedroom Dressers & Chests

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Color: Blue
  • isskuS7 Siam Dresser
  • isskuS7 Dang 6 Drawer Dresser
  • isskuS7 Santos Chest
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  • isskuS7 Shanty Dresser S

Blue Dresser

When designing for the first time or redesigning a bedroom or any living space, it is important to consider how the entire space will look before starting the project. This includes furniture, lighting, the style settled on and how the entire space will look with these things. For a hallway, foyer or perhaps most importantly a bedroom, a dresser is a fundamental piece of furniture. Dressers come in many styles and colors that can help shape the room around it or make it a centerpiece that draws attention. Blue is one of the colors, depending on shade, that can allow the dresser to stand out and grab attention. A blue dresser can match a bed frame, desk and chair or other furniture or it can be the only blue object in the room, which would make it stand out.

A blue dresser can fit the theme of the room by representing water or the sky or simply be a peaceful color to look at. A major aspect of a dresser is that it can act not only to hold clothing in drawers but the surface can be a display for sentimental or decorative objects or be used to set personal objects such as a phone, keys or wallet.

Other Considerations

Lighting a room is so varied and multifaceted that it can seem and feel like a project entirely on its own. Without going into too many details, there is one suggestion for sprucing up the lighting in the bedroom that is simple and quick and creates plenty of whimsy. String lights for the bedroom will provide a full and even glow that may warm the space as they are draped along one wall, hang from the ceiling or perhaps drop along a bed frame. These lights are perfect for a child’s room because the string hanging creates a sense of casualness and fun that can be explored. The lights can also be shifted at a moment’s notice depending on shifting mood. Although just a start for a larger lighting project, string lights will give some personality to the space until the rest of the work is done.