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6" Recessed Lighting Trims

74 Results
  • Regressed Plenum 6 inch LED Square Trim
  • Tube Architectural LED Flushmount
    $36895 - $80095
  • 6-Inch Super Slope Baffle Trim
    $4856 - $5360
  • 6-Inch BR30 Open Frame Trim
  • 6-Inch Tapered Reflector Cone Trim
    $3208 - $6276
  • 6 Inch Round Gimball LED Regressed Trim
  • 6-Inch Standard Slope Baffle Trim
    $4000 - $4860
  • 6 inch Air Tight Square Regressed Trim
  • Round LED Recessed Light
    3 Size Options
    $2220 - $3390
  • 6-Inch Albalite Trim
    $2274 - $3060
  • Regressed Deep LED 6 Inch Round Recessed Trim
    Trim Finish
    $14200 - $15400
  • 6-Inch Baffle Trim
  • 6 Inch Super Thin Round LED Trim
    $7000 - $8400
  • Round LED Panel Recessed Trim
    2 Size Options
    $1790 - $2330
  • Smart RGB LED Recessed Panel Light
    2 Size Options
  • 6-Inch Frosted Lens with Clear Center Shower Trim
  • 6-Inch Fresnel Trim
  • OneUp 6-inch Round Direct-Wire LED Downlight
  • 6-Inch PAR30 Regressed Eyeball Trim
  • 6-Inch Drop Opal Lens Trim
  • 6-Inch Ultra Trim Baffle
  • 6-Inch Super Slope Reflector Cone Trim
    $9302 - $10048
  • 6-Inch Standard Slope Reflector Cone Trim
    $5892 - $9124
  • Square LED Recessed Light

Why We Love 6" Recessed Lighting Trims

The understated beauty of recessed lights makes them an ideal choice for the home. Individual light sources work together to create subtle illumination that satisfies the needs of the space without detracting from the surrounding furnishings and décor. A variety of 6-inch recessed lighting trim styles add functional lighting with minimalistic sophistication. Many of the units also offer directional lighting that you can adjust according to your needs. Recessed lighting causes the room to look larger in the soft glow of the lighting.

Where Recessed 6" Trims Work Best

Recessed lighting offers convenience and modest attractiveness that translates well in just about any part of the home. These lights provide ample illumination while taking up a very small footprint on the ceiling. Small ceiling lights in a finished basement create abundant lighting for socializing and relaxation while the same style in the bedroom illuminates while keeping the area looking pristine and uncluttered. Install 6" can light trims in the kitchen for excellent food preparation and cleaning task lighting. Playrooms and common spaces like the family room also work wonderfully with this style of built-in ceiling lighting.

6" Recessed Trims for Every Style

No matter what the existing look of your home happens to be, you can find an attractive recessed light style to suit the look and feel you are hoping to achieve. Recessed lighting trims by Juno Lighting range from delicate, simple styles of white and chrome to more decorative trims featuring metal bands or swirled glass. WAC Lighting offers tried-and-true, durable trims for even wet locations throughout the home, such as a bathroom or sauna. Meanwhile, recessed fixtures by Lotus LED Lights are ultra-thin and fully functional without requiring a housing, meaning they aren't dependent on the framework of your home.

Choosing the Best 6-Inch Recessed Light Trims

As you plan to install recessed lighting in your home, it is important to know whether your home requires a remodel or new construction style housing. The new construction style works well when you have space above and around where the light will be placed. You'll also have to determine whether you need IC (insulation contact) or Non-IC rated components when you know whether your fixtures will come into contact with thermal insulation. Another technical aspect to investigate is whether you will tie into the home's electrical current with line voltage or if you will opt for the energy efficient low voltage option that operates by way of a special transformer. Once you've factored in all of the technical specifications, you can consider the finish color, bulb type and whether the light source features a directional head. If you have any questions about the 6-inch recessed trims featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you like the look and feel of your home illuminated simply and beautifully, you may enjoy the entire selection of recessed lighting trims available. Consider the small 2-inch recessed lighting trims and others ranging in size, from 3-inch to 4-inch and 5-inch trims. Depending on the application you're trying to achieve, you'll require different diameters of trims. For example, a 5-inch recessed trim is more suited to living rooms where as a smaller, 2-inch trim is best for bedrooms and small spaces. And if you have some clearance to work with on your ceiling, you may also appreciate the selection of flush mount lighting.

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