Track Lighting Kits

Track lighting kits come with everything you need for a complete track lighting system. This includes the adjustable heads, which are the system's primary source of style and, of course, bright directional light. The contemporary track kits offered here come as standard line voltage track kits or low voltage track kits (which include low voltage transformers). On top of the installation convenience, these total track kits are also a highly economic choice with which to add modern style and functionality to a lighting scheme.

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Where Track Lighting Kits Go Best

Track light kits enable you to illuminate several locations in a room at once, making them particularly useful in spaces in which multiple chores need to be performed. They are ideal for illuminating the stove and other various work areas in the kitchen, and can simultaneously illuminate artwork and a reading area in the living room.

Other Great Options

Monorail lighting incorporates the same convenience and contemporary style, and actually builds on both with a flexible rail and wide range of lighting elements. The superior direct display light provided by overhead track lighting can also be achieved by wall-mounted picture lights and display lighting. If you need another style of lighting for your living room reading area, be sure to browse the selection wall-mounted reading lights and reading floor lamps.

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