Monorail Pendants

Monorail lighting is a highly versatile, low-voltage and configurable lighting system that features a two-conductor rail from which multiple pendant lamps hang. Monorail pendant lighting is an ideal option for very high or slanted ceilings and they make excellent task lighting over a dining table, kitchen island or other work space. The monorail track can be installed in a straight line or it can be bent to follow a custom path and the flexible track lighting pendants come in a range of styles, colors and finishes to suit the most modern of decors or the most rustic.

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Why We Love Monorail Pendant Lights

This collection of flexible track lighting pendants ranges from the minimal to the opulent and it includes everything in between. Whether you want your monorail pendant lighting to be a focal point in your decor or you want it to serve as practical and functional lighting that won’t overpower your space, you are sure to find a design that fits your needs. You can adjust the height of your pendants and you can stagger them at different heights for a lovely display over a key feature in your home, such as the stair landing or a prized buffet. Warm and welcoming, pendants help you create a unique lighting scheme that’s both beautiful and functional.

Other Great Options

If you’re looking for big effects in a smaller package, mini pendant lights pack a powerful punch despite their diminutive size. If you like the functional versatility of pendant lighting but want something a little less showy, track lighting is a good option for task lighting or for illuminating a wall of art or one special piece. To add some serious interest to any room, consider shadow-casting ceiling lights that turn your space into a mysterious wonderland of light and shadow.

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