Zaha Hadid

The Zaha Hadid Story

For someone who changed the landscape of modern design, Zaha Hadid had relatively humble beginnings; she started out studying mathematics in her home country of Iran and then architecture in London. In 1979 she founded her own architectural firm and finished the design of her first building, the distinctive Vitra Fire Station in Germany. In the decades to come, Hadid cultivated her unique design vision throughout the world. Among her credits: London Aquatics Centre, Dubai Opera House, Beijing Airport Terminal and the residences at CityLife Milan. She also worked on smaller product designs, including a cheese grater for Alessi, her last design before her death in 2016.

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Why We Love Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid was larger than life in so many an architect, businesswoman, visionary and teacher, to name a few. Her foundation in mathematics allowed her a certain freedom to experiment. The boundary-pushing building designs that resulted have a curve-kissed fluidity and continuity that, on their grand scale, seem almost structurally impossible and visually indescribable. That also applies, on a smaller scale, to her lighting designs and home accessories--boldly and beautifully curved, they practically cry out to be touched.

Noteworthy Products from Zaha Hadid

The Alessi Forma Cheese Grater incorporates key elements of Hadid's creative philosophy (especially the curves and soft edges).

In Her Own Words

“With experimentation, you think you’re going to find out one thing, but you actually discover something else. That’s what I think is really exciting. You discover much more than you bargain for."

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Zaha Hadid