Y'a Pas Le Feu Au Lac

The Y'a Pas Le Feu Au Lac Story

Y'a Pas Le Feu Au Lac (YPLFL) began with the fortuitous meeting between wood workers Gregory and Marie Bodel and designer FX Ballery. Their shared love of wood--and all of the creative possibilities it offers--turned into a collaboration to create a French brand of contemporary wood objects that are both useful and elegant. With contributions from other designers around the world, the resulting YPLFL product line in 2011 revealed the breadth of their artistic vision with a colorful and sculptural array of candleholders, stools, containers and serving pieces.

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Why We Love Y'a Pas Le Feu Au Lac

The name of the company is based on a French expression that means "no need to rush." In other words, if you're going to go to the trouble of acquiring pieces of good design, why not take the time to enjoy them? Whimsical and well-made, Y'a Pas Le Feu Au Lac designs do indeed encourage lingering and contemplation. The creative forces behind YPLFL view wood as much a poetic material as a functional one, something that can be turned, carved, bent and molded into an endless array of inspiring forms. For them, anything the mind can conceive, wood can achieve.

A Fun Fact About Y'a Pas Le Feu Au Lac

The direct translation of the name is "There is not Fire with the Lake." Your best guess as to how that means "no need to rush."

Noteworthy Products by Y'a Pas Le Feu Au Lac

The Les Perles collection of candleholders is the ideal example of Y'a Pas Le Feu Au Lac's combined sense of elegance and play. It comes in a wide range of sizes and colors, with wooden beads (or "pearls") that can be arranged as desired along metal spokes.

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Y'a Pas Le Feu Au Lac