Modern Furniture

Discover our curated selection of modern furniture, perfect for enhancing any room. Find stylish and functional pieces designed to elevate your living spaces and complement your unique decor. 

Lumens, Your Modern Furniture Store

In addition to providing a useful function, furniture can convey its owner's sense of style and overall personality. Contemporary furniture ranges from clean and minimalist to the vibrant and exciting high style of designer Italian furniture. These varying aesthetics and a focus on sustainability and experimentation with new materials reflect modern sensibilities. The style, strength and overall quality means that they are designed to last a lifetime and beyond. Every room of the home benefits from modern-style furniture. Clean-lined foundation pieces in the living room, such as sofas and coffee tables, offer design versatility and can be re-accessorized as desired with colorful modern chairs and textiles. The dining room wouldn't be the ideal place for entertaining without the right set of chairs and dining tables. Be sure to accent the kitchen counter with a pair of contemporary stools. The storage capabilities of modern office furniture make it easy to have a stylish and organized home office.

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Furniture

Before beginning the search for designer furniture such as a sofa, lounge chair or dining room table, properly measure the space where the furniture piece will be placed. Take note of its height, width, length and weight by thoroughly reviewing the product's sizing dimensions. Depending on the aesthetic, refine the options by colors, finishes and patterns that are congruent with the existing decor. Pair complementary furniture with furnishings and accessories. From textiles and intricate rugs to accessories that bring out the best of the tabletop, check out the selection of modern home furnishings.

How to choose the right furniture for your home?

Each home style is entirely up to the personal needs of the owner. Match furniture and lighting styles together to create a sense of flow and cohesion.

How to arrange furniture in a small living room?

Make sure the furniture allows for easy movement to doorways and around furniture and a good view of the activities happening in the room.

How to clean and maintain different types of furniture?

Check the furniture's manual for cleaning instructions. Different materials have different requirements.

What are the most durable materials for furniture?

Microfiber is the most durable material for furniture, although cotton and linen are also quite durable.

What are the latest furniture trends?

Biophilic design and sustainable materials are the most common furniture trends due to their relation to nature and eco-friendly status.

What are the best space-saving furniture options?

Trim and fit furniture will save the most space. Consider minimalist designs that prioritize function over form.

What are the average costs of furniture?

Furniture can range from a few hundred dollars a piece to well over a thousand dollars a piece, depending on simple or luxury designs.