The Umbrosa Story

In 2007, Umbrosa was founded to build a better umbrella. This Belgian design company sought to reinvent the standard patio umbrella with advanced and easy-to-use mechanisms, superior (and colorful) shade fabrics and spectacular designs that make you want to use them all year round. By creating a superior umbrella, Umbrosa's goal is not to keep the sun away completely but to provide shadow. (They call their umbrellas "shadow creations," in fact.) So you can still enjoy the sun, just not too much of it.

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Why We Love Umbrosa Umbrellas

If patio umbrellas could be equated to vehicles, the standard patio umbrella would be a fairly reliable yet unremarkable sedan. Next to that, the Umbrosa umbrella is an all-in-one tank, 4x4 truck and high tech-equipped sports car. With unique shade shapes, colors and configurations that make them desirable as outdoor design elements, Umbrosa umbrellas are especially impressive functionally. They are easily and endlessly adjustable (tilt, height, extension), able to stand up to wind and available with a variety of mounting options that allow their installation virtually anywhere.

Fun Facts About Umbrosa

The largest Umbrosa umbrella configurations, the Paraflex Multiflex 4 and Paraflex Multiflex 4+1 (with R27-size shades), extend nearly 18 feet square. That's over 300 square feet of shade.

Noteworthy Products from Umbrosa

Umbrosa's most extensive and versatile umbrella collection is Paraflex, designed by Peter Leleu. It comes in a range of single, dual and multi-shade configurations, shade sizes and shapes, and are mountable on a pole or the wall. The signature extension arm is based on the human arm, and moves to put the shade exactly where it's needed.

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