The Umbra Story

Back in 1978, graphic designer Paul Rowan couldn't find a shade that worked with the windows in his Toronto apartment. So he made one. It proved to be so well-liked that Rowan and his friend, industrial hardware manufacturer Les Mandelbaum, founded Umbra in 1979.

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Their goal was to create a comprehensive selection of modern home accessories, so that people could always find something they liked for their home, whether over the window or elsewhere. Product offerings have since expanded into picture frames, clocks, bath hardware, dishes, wall art, modern interpretations of classic games and much more.

Why We Love Umbra Design

Umbra really does make it easy to find something you love to decorate and personalize your home. Their product line ranges from crisp and clean bathroom implements to quirky and curvy wine racks and birdhouses. The designs of these home accessories are at once innovative, modern and casual. And you get all of that at a highly affordable price. Modern design doesn't get more accessible than this.

A Fun Fact About Umbra

The name for Umbra was inspired by the first product the company made. Umbra is the Latin word for shade, or shadow.

Noteworthy Products From Umbra

Whether looking for affordable modern gifts for others, or for yourself, Umbra can provide. The Wobble Chess Set makes this game of strategy even more dynamic with quivering chess pieces and concave spaces on the board.

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