The Tokio Story

Tokio was founded in 2011 by designer Gorazd Malacic as a high-tech design brand for furniture and lighting. From his many years working for external clients and traveling the world, Gorazd developed an appreciation for modernity, both in concept and technology, and thus developed his own brand as a countermovement to the traditional tropes prevalent in contemporary design. Since then, Tokio has gained international acclaim, showcasing innovative, high-tech product lines at famous design events the world over.

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Why We Love Tokio Lighting

Tokio has a unique contemporary vision that blends modern technology, including advanced manufacturing and assembly techniques, with master craftsmanship. Their furniture and lighting offer incredibly unique designs and lightscapes, consisting of adaptable structures, adjustable spot LEDs, and high-tech materials. The brand as a whole ignores populist design trends, focusing instead on crafting stylish and efficient products given the most advanced technology available.

A Fun Fact About Tokio

While founding an internationally recognized design brand, Gorazd Malacic still maintains an eclectic mix of quirky and conservative tastes. He enjoys international travel (especially at locations where he happens to show his designs), high-tech gadgets, and well-made cocktails. On the other hand, he is said to enjoy travelling in the future as well as a celery and cottage cheese breakfast where neither meet in a single bite.

Noteworthy Products From Tokio

The Carbon Light Family (including a table lamp, wall sconce, and an endless variety of pendants) is emblematic of Tokio’s high-tech personality. Each piece is sparse, minimalistic, and highly adjustable, featuring a textured carbon fiber frame that houses a series of long-lasting, energy-efficient spot LEDs. The table lamp and wall sconce also include an adjustable head with a touchless sensor switch for added convenience and functionality.

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