• Shown in Weathered Ash finish

  • Shown in Natural Walnut finish

  • Shown in Weathered Ash finish

  • Shown in Natural Walnut finish

  • Shown in Weathered Ash finish, Sisal fabric

  • Sloane Bed with Legs for Mattress Only with sloane 2 drawer in ash

  • Sloane Bed with Legs for Mattress Only with sloane 2 drawer in walnut

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Sloane Bed with Legs for Mattress Only by

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Key Features

Made In USA

Perfect for your home and dreams. Look to the Copeland Sloane Bed with Legs for Mattress Only to invite luxurious comfort and sophisticated minimalist style to a master suite or guest room. The large wingback upholstered headboard brings a cocoon of softness to your surroundings and gives your room a stylish focal point. A padded paneled back is ideal for relaxing after dark for some TV watching or reading in bed. Crafted from sustainable American Hardwood, the platform frame showcases the natural beauty and variations of the wood. Eye-pleasing corner feet in an opposing wood grain complete the look of this stylish bed.

Founded in 1976 by Tim Copeland, Copeland Furniture specializes in the production of fine natural hardwood furniture. Continual evolution in Copeland Furniture designs have yielded new and exciting takes on classic Arts & Crafts, Shaker and Scandinavian bedroom, living room, office and dining room furniture. All Copeland Furniture pieces are designed and made at their manufacturing facility located on the banks of the Connecticut River in Bradford, Vermont.

The Sloane Bed - Mattress Only is available with the following:
  • Hand assembled by artisan craftsmen.
  • Finish is resistant to stains, moisture rings, heat damage and abrasions.
  • Formulated to meet Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) standards for typical household use.
  • Sage Award Recipient - recognition of environmental accomplishments within the home furnishings industry.
  • Hardwoods oxidize, or change color, from exposure to direct light. The color of the wood will deepen over time.
  • For mattress only.
  • Platform Height: 11.5"
  • Floor to Bottom of Headboard Bottom Rail - 23.260"
  • Greenguard Certified (meets strict low chemical emissions standards) compliant
  • Made In USA
  • Finish: Natural Walnut, Soaped Ash, Weathered Ash, Seared Ash, Taupe Ash, Sand Ash
  • Fabric: Dark Brown Microsuede, Sand Microsuede, Oyster Microsuede, Onyx Microsuede, Lime Microsuede, Graphite, Hemp, Seal, Sisal, Slate (M10245), Sterling, Walnut (M9246)
  • Size: King, Queen, Cal King
  • King Option Item: Width 78", Height 48", Depth 89.38", Weight 245Lbs
  • Queen Option Item: Width 62", Height 48", Depth 89.38", Weight 225Lbs
  • Cal King Option Item: Width 74", Height 48", Depth 93.38", Weight 240Lbs
More Information:
  • To preserve the beauty of the finish, simply clean the surface of the furniture with a soft damp cloth and then dry it thoroughly. Care over the years to come will not require oil, polishes, or cleaners.

Manufacturer IDs: view

1-SLO-21-04-89104 1-SLO-22-04-89104 1-SLO-25-04-89104 1-SLO-21-04-89112 1-SLO-22-04-89112 1-SLO-25-04-89112 1-SLO-21-04-89113 1-SLO-22-04-89113 1-SLO-25-04-89113 1-SLO-21-04-89127 1-SLO-22-04-89127 1-SLO-25-04-89127 1-SLO-21-04-89145 1-SLO-22-04-89145 1-SLO-25-04-89145 1-SLO-21-04-Graphite 1-SLO-22-04-Graphite 1-SLO-25-04-Graphite 1-SLO-21-04-Hemp 1-SLO-22-04-Hemp 1-SLO-25-04-Hemp 1-SLO-21-04-Seal 1-SLO-22-04-Seal 1-SLO-25-04-Seal 1-SLO-21-04-Sisal 1-SLO-22-04-Sisal 1-SLO-25-04-Sisal 1-SLO-21-04-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-22-04-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-25-04-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-21-04-Sterling 1-SLO-22-04-Sterling 1-SLO-25-04-Sterling 1-SLO-21-04-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-22-04-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-25-04-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-21-54-89104 1-SLO-22-54-89104 1-SLO-25-54-89104 1-SLO-21-54-89112 1-SLO-22-54-89112 1-SLO-25-54-89112 1-SLO-21-54-89113 1-SLO-22-54-89113 1-SLO-25-54-89113 1-SLO-21-54-89127 1-SLO-22-54-89127 1-SLO-25-54-89127 1-SLO-21-54-89145 1-SLO-22-54-89145 1-SLO-25-54-89145 1-SLO-21-54-Graphite 1-SLO-22-54-Graphite 1-SLO-25-54-Graphite 1-SLO-21-54-Hemp 1-SLO-22-54-Hemp 1-SLO-25-54-Hemp 1-SLO-21-54-Seal 1-SLO-22-54-Seal 1-SLO-25-54-Seal 1-SLO-21-54-Sisal 1-SLO-22-54-Sisal 1-SLO-25-54-Sisal 1-SLO-21-54-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-22-54-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-25-54-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-21-54-Sterling 1-SLO-22-54-Sterling 1-SLO-25-54-Sterling 1-SLO-21-54-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-22-54-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-25-54-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-21-55-89104 1-SLO-22-55-89104 1-SLO-25-55-89104 1-SLO-21-55-89112 1-SLO-22-55-89112 1-SLO-25-55-89112 1-SLO-21-55-89113 1-SLO-22-55-89113 1-SLO-25-55-89113 1-SLO-21-55-89127 1-SLO-22-55-89127 1-SLO-25-55-89127 1-SLO-21-55-89145 1-SLO-22-55-89145 1-SLO-25-55-89145 1-SLO-21-55-Graphite 1-SLO-22-55-Graphite 1-SLO-25-55-Graphite 1-SLO-21-55-Hemp 1-SLO-22-55-Hemp 1-SLO-25-55-Hemp 1-SLO-21-55-Seal 1-SLO-22-55-Seal 1-SLO-25-55-Seal 1-SLO-21-55-Sisal 1-SLO-22-55-Sisal 1-SLO-25-55-Sisal 1-SLO-21-55-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-22-55-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-25-55-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-21-55-Sterling 1-SLO-22-55-Sterling 1-SLO-25-55-Sterling 1-SLO-21-55-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-22-55-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-25-55-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-21-56-89104 1-SLO-22-56-89104 1-SLO-25-56-89104 1-SLO-21-56-89112 1-SLO-22-56-89112 1-SLO-25-56-89112 1-SLO-21-56-89113 1-SLO-22-56-89113 1-SLO-25-56-89113 1-SLO-21-56-89127 1-SLO-22-56-89127 1-SLO-25-56-89127 1-SLO-21-56-89145 1-SLO-22-56-89145 1-SLO-25-56-89145 1-SLO-21-56-Graphite 1-SLO-22-56-Graphite 1-SLO-25-56-Graphite 1-SLO-21-56-Hemp 1-SLO-22-56-Hemp 1-SLO-25-56-Hemp 1-SLO-21-56-Seal 1-SLO-22-56-Seal 1-SLO-25-56-Seal 1-SLO-21-56-Sisal 1-SLO-22-56-Sisal 1-SLO-25-56-Sisal 1-SLO-21-56-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-22-56-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-25-56-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-21-56-Sterling 1-SLO-22-56-Sterling 1-SLO-25-56-Sterling 1-SLO-21-56-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-22-56-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-25-56-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-21-57-89104 1-SLO-22-57-89104 1-SLO-25-57-89104 1-SLO-21-57-89112 1-SLO-22-57-89112 1-SLO-25-57-89112 1-SLO-21-57-89113 1-SLO-22-57-89113 1-SLO-25-57-89113 1-SLO-21-57-89127 1-SLO-22-57-89127 1-SLO-25-57-89127 1-SLO-21-57-89145 1-SLO-22-57-89145 1-SLO-25-57-89145 1-SLO-21-57-Graphite 1-SLO-22-57-Graphite 1-SLO-25-57-Graphite 1-SLO-21-57-Hemp 1-SLO-22-57-Hemp 1-SLO-25-57-Hemp 1-SLO-21-57-Seal 1-SLO-22-57-Seal 1-SLO-25-57-Seal 1-SLO-21-57-Sisal 1-SLO-22-57-Sisal 1-SLO-25-57-Sisal 1-SLO-21-57-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-22-57-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-25-57-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-21-57-Sterling 1-SLO-22-57-Sterling 1-SLO-25-57-Sterling 1-SLO-21-57-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-22-57-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-25-57-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-21-58-89104 1-SLO-22-58-89104 1-SLO-25-58-89104 1-SLO-21-58-89112 1-SLO-22-58-89112 1-SLO-25-58-89112 1-SLO-21-58-89113 1-SLO-22-58-89113 1-SLO-25-58-89113 1-SLO-21-58-89127 1-SLO-22-58-89127 1-SLO-25-58-89127 1-SLO-21-58-89145 1-SLO-22-58-89145 1-SLO-25-58-89145 1-SLO-21-58-Graphite 1-SLO-22-58-Graphite 1-SLO-25-58-Graphite 1-SLO-21-58-Hemp 1-SLO-22-58-Hemp 1-SLO-25-58-Hemp 1-SLO-21-58-Seal 1-SLO-22-58-Seal 1-SLO-25-58-Seal 1-SLO-21-58-Sisal 1-SLO-22-58-Sisal 1-SLO-25-58-Sisal 1-SLO-21-58-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-22-58-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-25-58-Slate(M10245) 1-SLO-21-58-Sterling 1-SLO-22-58-Sterling 1-SLO-25-58-Sterling 1-SLO-21-58-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-22-58-Walnut(M9246) 1-SLO-25-58-Walnut(M9246)

California Residents: Prop 65 regulations

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Proposition 65 de la Californie

AVERTISSMENT: ce produit peut vous exposer au plomb, ce qui est reconnu par l'État de Californie comme cause de cancer, d'anomalies congénitales ou d'autres domages à la reproduction. Pour plus d'informations, visitez www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Prop. 65 de California

ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede explonerlo al plomo, lo cual es conocido en el Estado de California como causante de càncer, defectos de namimiento y ostros daños al sistem reproductivo. Para obeneter mayor información, visite www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Sloane Bed with Legs for Mattress Only Availability

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Sloane Bed with Legs for Mattress Only