Ron Henderson

The Ron Henderson Story

Ron Henderson is the founder, owner, president and lead designer at Varaluz, a lighting company that specializes in using recycled materials in new and unusual ways. While his background was in aeronautical engineering, Henderson was persuaded by Harry Kallick in the '90s to join the Kalco lighting design team.

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So he was a seasoned veteran by the time he founded Varaluz in 2006 in Las Vegas. He bases his company's design philosophy on the premise of manufacturing sustainable lighting that also just happens to be beautiful. He equates it to turning one's man trash into treasure.

Why We Love Ron Henderson

Ron Henderson is excited by every aspect of the lighting design process, from coming up with the original concept to figuring out what materials to use to showing off the final product to oohs and ahhs. Henderson has an artist's soul and keen aesthetic sensibility, while his engineering background ensures a high-quality, sturdy piece. And his devotion to sustainability, efficiency and reducing waste is admirable to say the least. Every single fixture Ron Henderson creates uses steel that is 70% recycled and glass that is 100% recycled.

In His Own Words

"Each collection is a different sort of process. I do try to define a need statement first--what item do we want to create, what is the exact application where it will be used, who will be buying it, what price should it be, etc. Other times I wake up at 4am with this crazy idea in my head that I need to get down on paper--and I just sort of go for it."

Noteworthy Products by Ron Henderson

Ron Henderson was inspired by an abandoned miner's cabin in the design of the Varaluz Fascination collection. It replicates the cabin's mud and wine bottle walls with textured rounds of recycled glass set in rings of hand-forged steel. His Clout Mini Pendants were conceived from a couple of sources: cage lights that Henderson used to work on cars in his youth, and the suits from a deck of cards.

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Ron Henderson