Period Arts Fan Company

The Period Arts Fans Story

As a branch of the Modern Fan Company, Period Arts Fans started in 2007 when designer and owner Ron Rezek became interested in the rich history and character provided by period-styled fixtures. He soon discovered that this fan line was basically the polar opposite of Modern Fan, requiring its own separate catalog to best represent its unique personality.

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Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, Dirk Van Erp, and other early 20th century designers, the Period Arts Fan Company by Modern Fan Company invokes the designs of the past using present technology.

Why We Love Period Arts Fans

Inspired by movements like Arts & Crafts, Neoclassicism, Bauhaus, French Art Deco and Futurism, Period Arts Fans give spaces a solid sense of character and identity. And expert craftsmanship is instantly evident in each Period Arts Fan Co. design, from their Craftsman ceiling fans to Restoration fans. Each ceiling fan is true to the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century architectural, interior and product design movements, adapted for today's homes.

Fun Facts About Period Arts Fans

The Bodega ceiling fan incorporates hammered metal, an exposed rivet assembly and a warm mica diffuser seen on the original lighting designs by Dirk Van Erp, the famous Dutch designer.

Noteworthy Fans from Period Arts Fans

The Altus fan by Period Arts Fans represents the Secessionist Movement in Austria that produced applied arts during the early years, identified by their geometric refinement and elegant simplicity.

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Period Arts Fan Company