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Outdoor Kitchen

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Outdoor Kitchens

Like indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens have many of the same features such as countertops, appliances, lighting, plumbing, and seating. The outdoor kitchen can be as grand or simple as desired, including things such as multiple bar counters, refrigerators or freezers, and other appliances such as a microwave or oven. Most commonly, an outdoor kitchen will have a barbecue. Outdoor kitchens will also have storage needs. Outdoor kitchen cabinets can provide room for various cooking accessories and eating utensils as well as room for plates and glasses.

Outdoor bars are similar, yet distinct from an outdoor kitchen. Typically an outdoor bar will be for drinks only and may be separate from the kitchen or the dining area, such as by the poolside. The outdoor bar should match with the other outdoor features unless a particular theme is desired for the bar.

For entertaining family, friends, and other guests, a proper eating and dining space will be required to complete the outdoor space of the home. Outdoor dining sets can be a separate set for outdoor use only, ensuring everything is clean and well-stocked for when guests arrive, or featuring weather-resistant or proofing materials that indoor dining sets may not have.

To add some fun to the outdoor dining area, consider swapping out chairs for outdoor dining benches, which may seem more homely and communal. This way, everyone shares space and feels like part of a cohesive whole during the meal, creating a more memorable and intimate moment for all involved.

Whichever is decided upon, make sure the outdoor furniture of the area is wet or damp rated, depending on the intensity of the weather and if there is a patio cover present. Furniture such as lounge chairs and end tables can be overlooked options that enhance the experience for homeowners and invited guests.