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Random Moooi

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Collection: Random
  • isskuS7 Random II Pendant Light
    Shade Color
    3 Size Options
    $89500 - $2,84500
  • isskuS7 Non Random Light
    2 Size Options
    $87900 - $1,62500
  • isskuS7 NR2 LED Floor Lamp
  • isskuS7 Random Floor Lamp
    Base Finish
    $1,51000 - $2,53400
The Random Collection by Moooi introduces simplicity and lightness to interior spaces of the home. Designed by Bertjan Pot in 2001, each piece of the Random Collection consists of a sphere made of fiberglass with an epoxy resin. A chromed steel pendant lowers within the sphere and ends with an LED bulb. The illumination from the bulb brings the sphere to life, sending a dynamic display of light and shadow from the myriad of random lines into the room and along the walls to create an interesting and thoughtful space.