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Monorail Lighting Rails & Rail Kits

35 Results
  • 5-Light LED Monorail Kit
  • Rigid Standoff
    10 Size Options
    $5800 - $12600
  • Straight Monorail
    3 Size Options
    $7200 - $19200
  • GK Lightrail LED Track Light
  • Monorail Freejack Connector
  • Monorail Antique Bronze Mini Surface Transformer
  • Adjustable Standoff
    2 Size Options
    $10000 - $12200
  • End Caps
  • End Power Feed
  • Center Power Feed
    $10400 - $20800
  • Power Extender
    7 Size Options
    $4600 - $13800
  • Sevier LED Fixed Linear Rail Kit
  • GK Lightrail LED Track Light (Bronze Patina)-OPEN BOX RETURN
  • Conductive Connectors
  • Flexible Horizontal Connectors
  • Flexrail Starter Kit
  • Hatteras Bay Rail Light
    $21999 - $28499
  • 2" Square Direct-End Power Feed
  • Pre-Bent Monorail 90 Degree Curve
    $10400 - $26600
  • Standoff Vault Adapter
  • "T" Connector
  • Monorail 4" Round Direct-End Power Feed
  • Isolating Connectors
  • "X" Connector

Learn More About Rails & Rail Kits

Why We Love Monorail Lighting Rails

We love monorail lighting in general for its infinite installation and decorative versatility. Offering all of the components individually allows for total customization of a monorail track lighting system, whether from scratch or adapting an existing system. To that end, Lumens carries the monorail track, connectors, end caps, stand-offs, transformers, power feeds, decorative art glass pendants and adjustable monorail heads from some of the best low voltage monorail lighting manufacturers producing today.

Where Monorail Components Work Best

A complete monorail lighting system provides ambient light, adjustable task light or a combination of both. This makes the system ideal in modern spaces that usually require both kinds of light, especially the kitchen or living room. With a monorail lighting system in place, common kitchen tasks like cooking, food preparation and cleaning become well-lit with the amount of illumination they need. Meanwhile, a living room monorail system gives you the opportunity to focus light on your favorite works of art or decorative items on display. And lastly, the home office is is a great destination for track or monorail lighting as it provides ample and bright illumination while complementing desk and task lamps.

Finding The Rails & Components You Need

A complete monorail system requires a handful of parts and components. You can choose to mix and match products to appease your creative side, or opt for fixtures, parts and accessories all from one manufacturer to achieve a consistent look and feel. Tech Lighting is a go-to source for all things track and monorail systems, including lighting rails and rail kits. The Tech Lighting line also includes all of the directional spotlights and mini pendants you'll need for a well-rounded monorail light system. Bendable rail kits from WAC Lighting allow you to follow each and every curve or contortion of your home's ceiling. Or look to Elan Lighting for linear rail kits that include energy efficient LED fixtures.

Choosing The Best Rail Lighting Components

Before choosing the pendants and directional heads you want to add to your monorail system, you'll need to make sure you have all of the right parts and components, including the rails featured here. Begin by measuring the space on the ceiling where you plan to install a flexible track lighting system. Be mindful of measurements like length and width to choose the right sizes. If you need to bend your monorail system around corners of the ceiling, be sure to pick up just the right connector pieces. You'll also want to select rail colors and finishes that can easily blend in with the room's existing decor. And finally, check your home's voltage requirements to choose 12-volt or 120-volt components. If you have any questions about the rails and rail kits featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you want something quick and easy, then you should take a look at monorail lighting kits. They already have all the components you need to create a basic contemporary monorail lighting system and have it installed in no time. And don't forget to browse the available track lighting systems for a similar selection of directional lighting perfect for the kitchen or living room. And once you have your lighting on track, consider controlling the amount of light output with a dimmer switch.

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